Wednesday, February 11, 2009

oh the places I have been!

Hello blog, have you missed me?
I have been on new and exciting adventures!
I found facebook....and fell into this big dark hole.
It is a little easier then a blog, it is fun and quick.
Photos uploads are easier, and with everything going on
easier is just the way to go sometimes.

But I know not everyone has facebook, so I am back to catch up.
Waving to Mom, Dad , Sis....if you are still reading!

First it is wrestling season! Nuff said!! Yes the weekends you can find the Stillings in a gym near you, or not so near you. We are travelling PA, NJ, MD, and possibly Ohio this year. Josh also is being looked at by the SEPA team, Southeast PA team, where he would go to National Team events and wrestle for PA , it is very exciting. I haven't even told him yet, We were approached at the last tournament we were at by the director, he has been watching Josh for a while. 

I have been still growing the hairs on my head, loving my new looks and having fun with different styles. I like the fun you can have once it is longer. So far so good...I haven't wanted to cut it off yet. Headbands help!
Josh went to his first tourney of 2009, he won 1st place in his division! It is a great start to the year. He was very proud and ready to win some more. He was very excited to get back in the practice room and get even better and work hard this week. I love his love for wrestling, I hope his passion stays with him and he becomes all he wants to be.  Oh and notice his new singlet, the Bobby Weaver Olympic Singlet, he got for his birthday, and was very proud to do it justice. 
I have got a new computer...IMAC 24" , it is more then a is just amazing and I haven't even started to learn everything yet. So I wanted to get a desk, I found this one at Staples today online, for $79 and FREE SHIPPING!!! I am so excited!! It will be here on Friday and hope to put it together. I can't wait to have my home office all set up. Then freeing up my Scrapbooking Studio for Creating! It is going to be a whole new year for creating! 

So that is about it for today. Josh will be home soon, then it is homework, some dinner, off to practice , home for bed. 
I love my life!
I love my friends!
I cherish what I have!
It is a great day!