Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Everyone do the Robot !!

Now this is what Halloween is all about. Smiling faces, and little ones having fun !!
Josh and Declan had so much fun tonight ...my feet hurt !! We must of visited about 40 houses and each one was better then the next. What a great neighborhood, they really enjoyed the kids and seeing all the costumes. J & D got great compliments on their costumes, and Josh got two " That is the best costume of the night" comments.
People were in awe of the silver box . They made comments like , "that is so awesome" , "Did you make that" , "what a great idea" . They made me feel so great about the time that Josh and I spent making this costume. I enjoyed it so much . I know it is a halloween he will remember also. At the end of the night riding home he told me he had a GREAT time tonight Mom.
That just made me smile even more .
Now , on the topic bad blogger. Sorry to the two people that read my blog :) I haven't been good about blogging lately. Not that I don't have something to say ....but the time to do it in is the issue. It seems every evening that I think I might get to it ...it is 10 or 11 o'clock before I realize it . I was just looking ahead at this week and realized , one night halloween , next is wrestling practice , then we have one night and Kate has a business night . It is just very busy.
So in other news, Kate and I got a fun day playing golf on Monday . I hadn't swung my clubs in 2 years but some of it came right back to me . I really enjoyed the day and the colors of the trees right now are just breath taking . So here's to a great halloween ....hope you got plenty of treats!

Monday, October 23, 2006

last football game of the season

Yep it is over for 2006. It was such a great year!!! Josh has grown so much and as an athlete and football player he just got it this year. I know it is crazy to be talking about a 6 year old as an athlete. But I must say since he was 2 and running and throwing the ball around , we just knew he was going to be a little boy who loved sports. Oh yeah in the back of my mind I really wanted this for him . I love sports and it was one of those things in my childhood that probably got me thru some really hard times. I always had sports and it was one thing I was very good at. I was so proud of myself when I would get all state or my name in the paper. It was one thing that no one could take away from me.
Oh yeah , what was I talking about .....Josh !
Yeah that's right.
I just loved talking the pictures every week , talking with the parents , cheering the kids on and watching how proud and happy they were everytime they came off the field. It truly was a great season , and bonus ....we went UNDEFEATED !!! 8-0 what a great job !!

Next year it will be helmets , pads and that cracking of helmets and pads. A sound I am already hearing ....I love football , but not so sure how much I will love it when some other little guy is tackling Josh. I just hope he gives more then he gets !! Giving is so much better , right ?!

So here is to you Greenjackets ! AWESOME JOB!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Mr. Amazing !

Simply amazing ! He is reading more and more every day !

I am in awe of him , each and every word that he reads.

I know other kids read, yes I know that some even read better then him.

But , they are not him. He is just amazing !

I got to go to school this past week and spend a couple hours with him in his class.

It was very strange to see him in his class. He has a routine and stuck to it , even tho I was there.

He knew what he had to do , and even tho he would look at me and smile , he had tasks to complete and he stayed on task.

He just simply amazes me every single day .

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Ok , so I am on my way to CURVES...for the 2nd time this week . 3 Times a week , 30 minute workouts.
I am going to do this !!!
Eating healthier , moving more !!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Football Saturday

I can't believe there is only one more game in the season. It seems so long to some but for us it is over too quick. He enjoys playing so much an we enjoy watching just as much !

It has been a great year with a great team , great coaches and wonderful parents. Sports are so great !!! I just think back 20 years ago....no where did I have thoughts at being at my son's football games. No where did I know what joy it would be having Josh. You truly never know what road life is going to bring you down. My only suggestion is to hold on to the wheel and enjoy the ride.

Josh ran for about 20 yards on Saturday . He has improved so much . He gets "turning the corner" The joy in his face as he strides down the field is so worth all the practice.

It is amazing to have a whole sideline of parents cheering for you as your run.

So as this great season comes to an end , it is sad in a way , but also it has some great memories.

I have over 1000 photographs to prove it .

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

bloggin about life....life is not bloggin

WOW ! I can't believe it has been a week since I blogged. I have thought about bloggin everyday. I have lots happening but just no time to sit down and actually write about it.
Life is so different now that Josh is in School , I am running the store and Kate is working
her 12-14 hour days also. I used to get so much done , now I am happy if I actually finish
one thing complete !
I have been working on the coach's book for Josh's football coach , I hope to get that done in a couple weeks . I am very proud of the layouts and they are all coming together so great.
Josh just continues to make me so proud. He is LOVING school now and his favorite subject is math ( takes after me there !) I love numbers. Also he is reading , I don't mean words here and there but books !!! It just amazes me that this little guy that we tried so hard to concieve is now reading ! This little guy I held in my arms , fed , changed diapers, watched take his first steps ..is READING !!! I am just in amazement. I know , I know ...just about everyone learns to read....but when you see it actually happening ...that is when you realize what a great thing it is to be able to read. It started with just singing the ABC's song...now reading .
Children are amazing ........and to see the smile on his face when he reads a word correctly ...to see the high 5's we give . I love seeing that on his face.

So that is what has been going on , with alot more stuff . Some fluff !

I will have to tell you about my first ever PTA meeting !!! Can you here Harper Valley PTA song playing in the background !!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

so proud of josh ...

He has had a turn around week . This being a first grader has been tough on my little guy!
There is so much to learn about . So things easier then others. But tonight he told me that
he likes making new friends, learning and lunch and recess. That is so good to hear instead of
what I heard last week ....which was " I don't like school"
Today I heard " I love school" Also his thirst is back to get up and go to school . He is much happier when I see him get off the bus. I was so worried about him . He didn't smile when he got home. He didn't really look forward to going at all for the first month.
Now I can see that sparkle in his eye again.

It really made me think. For 6 years he has had me . He hasn't had to make those decisions about who would be his friends. I pretty much choose his friends thru the parents I liked.
He didn't have to eat fast , we often had some great conversations at lunch . Now he has about 20 mins and has to learn to eat then talk. Or I get alot of lunch brought back home. That has also changed this week , once I figured out that he needed to eat and not talk so much at lunch.
It is so hard to get full stories from a 6 year old. I think they feel they are going to get in trouble for things they tell you.
Then there is the whole thing about some kids are nicer then others. Josh didn't know what to do with all this emotion he was experiencing ...and all by himself. Sometimes it was hard to explain to me everything going on . But this week he has really found a new friend and they play alot together at recess and seem to really like one another. I am so happy for that ! He is even trying to teach his new friend how to listen to the teacher better ( seems his friend has a listening problem and is in trouble a bit )
Then the scarey conversations ....tonight it was about telling me a little girl showed him her underwear...he thought that was wrong. So I held my breathe and asked him what he did . He says " I told the teacher and she talked to her" WHEW!!! Altho I am still not thrilled that some little girl is showing my son her underwear , I was proud of him for knowing that it was wrong. It is so scarey to send them out there. We have always told Josh he can talk to us about anything , and I am glad he feels he can . Hope that line stays open , as I am thinking it is going to be very important in the years to come .
So as we have said all along ......we can only do so much as parents....now the test begins to see how we are doing . First report card at least a B+ !!
Hug them tight !!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Saturday Rocked !

This girl can sing !! This is Krissy and she is my Friend's sister. We went to see her play this Saturday and this girl can belt out a tune or 100 !! I swear she can sing anything worth listening too. I usually hate it when people try to sing melissa E . They usually can't come close , but I have to hand it to Krissy , she nailed it every time !! I would travel again to see her play !!
This is Kim and J! Now you want to talk about a fun guy !!! He is a big crazy dude . It was good to see Kim smiling and having fun . This guy should go around and work with depressed people , I don't think there would be any more depressed people in the world ! J you rock !! So glad I got to meet you :)

This was the other part of our Weekend ...FOOTBALL!! We are now 5-0 and these guys played a tough team this week. They still came out way on top . I really love watching them step up their game when they need to.

Josh had a bit of a rough game , well one play where he forgot the play , paniced and threw the ball up in the air. He was very disapointed in himself , but we have two of the most wonderful coaches and they had him back in there playing the game again right away !

Grandma left today , she was here for 10 days and we had a great time . It was so great that she got to see Josh play two games. Aunt Neicey and Uncle Steve came up for the game saturday . We just had a fantastic day :)
I have been a bad blogger lately , it has been a bit crazy running the store and getting the event ready for January. By the time you are home , doing homework and then getting dinner , going to practice or just having some family time . Oh not to mention that darn housework or lawn care thing.
We are getting better , fall is settling somethings down . That is why I love the change of the seasons. It makes you slow down from the go go go of the summer.
I hope everyone is enjoying the fall . Get out and get some of that great fall folliage in your camera, it will look so good!
Have a great week !