Friday, January 27, 2006

Las Vegas here we come !!

I can't believe it is just one day away !! Las Vegas ...CHA !! I am so excited. mlpa has been in business 5 months now and we are going to our first trade show. We have worked very hard to make mlpa a great store, more then a store is a community ! Our customers are so important to us , they are our friends. This is a great business to be in . Don't get me is a lot of work also , but as they say when you are doing what you love it isn't work . I am very passionate about mlpa , I will do whatever it takes to make it a success. But right now I can't wait to get to CHA , take Tim Holtz's Class on Distressing , spend 2 great days walking the isles and stopping in each booth to look at product not presented to the public yet. We get to be among the first to see all the great new products that will be on all the pages of the scrapbook magazines. The best part is , we get to purchase these items and bring them back to mlpa to share with all our customers...our friends ! This ones for you ladies !!!

See ya next week !

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sweet Dreams my little one ....

Yes the time stamp is correct, it is 4am! Josh woke for about the 3rd time this week with a bad dream and crawled in bed with us. I am not sure what it is causing the dreams. We try and make sure we do everything to wind him down at night . Sometimes I feel he is again alot like me and his mind forgets to go to sleep when his body does. a 5 year old needs to relax more!!
So once I am awake I can not go back to sleep what do you do when you can't sleep ? I thought I would come check out mlpa message board , and then watch a little T.V. Hopefully I will get an hour or so more before I have to get up .
Alot to do today to get ready for our big trip to CHA in Las Vegas !!
Will write more soon.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


That's is all that came to my mind as I watched Josh go down the hill on his first snowboard run. He had a smile from ear to ear and he couldn't get back up the hill fast enough , so he could go back down again !
It amazes me how fast they want to grow up . Then I think about myself and how I want it all to slow down. Life is funny , you start out wanting everything to happen so quickly , and you end up wishing it would all slow down.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I can do it ...with a little help from my friends.

Famous words from Josh, and they are so true! He can do anything he sets his mind to. I can honestly say he gets that from me. No matter what it takes , I will get it done.

I just came back from my 4th Weekend event. Scrappin Away Vacation Events, my retreat company has now been in business for 1 year. 90 women this weekend made me realize that no matter what I will get these events ready , running and giving these women a weekend to remember. I also know that I couldn't do it without some great friends.
Connie , came to her first event this weekend. She helped me with the Crop and running the store part also. She didn't have to do that , she was a paying customer that cares so much about me and my success that she stepped right up to the plate and made sure everything was running and people were happy. I can't thank her enough.
Trish Daly, my fearless friend!! Trish has been with me since the day we spoke the words ... Scrappin Away Vacation Events. We were sitting at a crop , a little upset with the customer service or lack there of , and we said ...Ok that's it we can do this and do this better. Trish comes to each event , allows me to get 3 or 4 hours sleep at night and helps me make each event a success. Thanks my friend !
Deena is our Secret Sister Guru , she can run a SS swap better then anyone I have seen . This woman is so organized , every little detail is taken care of and I never have to worry that everyone will have a great time with this. Thanks for all you do Deena !
I was blown away this weekend also by all the help cleaning up the crop and getting things packed away. We were out of there in record time thanks to the help of Tom and Dot ! Amazing we got 3 vehicles loaded up and ready to go within an hour.
I can't wait to see what 2006 brings for S.A.V.E. , I know we will have some great events and I just thank you all for all the hard work you do , just because !!

Friday, January 20, 2006

I miss him already.

I am only about 1 hour away from my family , but I already miss them. I missed my bedtime hugs and kisses last night and I am missing the cutest little "good morning Mom" this morning. I will call the house soon so I can hear his voice. It is amazing how just 6 years ago I didn't have those things , but now I can not imagine my life without them. I am getting ready to great about 100 womyn at my weekend retreat in the Poconos. I am very excited about this , I LOVE running these retreats. I am also lucky because Josh and Kate will be heading up here tonight and be with me for the rest of the weekend. I love this hobby and love that my family never has to be too far away ! Owning memory lane, pa with my friend and business partner Sarah Larson has also been so wonderful , our families do support us all the way , even those long evenings when we are searching for the latest and greatest products for the store. So it is time to get a shower and grab a bite to eat , 2 hours and the ladies will be arriving to crop the weekend away !
Josh I miss you ! See you soon !!

Monday, January 16, 2006

All in a day ....

Today I haven't stopped. Starting with this morning going out for breakfast with my friend Robin and her son Hunter. We even let the boys have ice cream for desert ! We were the cool moms ! Then a little bit of a play date , off to afternoon kindergarden , in which I stayed to volunteer my time helping . I love that time I get to give time to the class. They are so wonderful just to watch and see how different 25 children around the same age can be. It was also fun to hear my son answering the questions right and then watching as the teacher rewarded his table for following directions and gettting a sticker on thier paw print . I watched him as he beamed with pride over his reward . Then it was off to memory lane, pa to do some ordering of those wonderful prima flowers and sara binders ! Then the accountant ...which was very interesting . It is always scarey when you wait to see what all those numbers mean and what that "bottom line" is . Off to have a drink with my dear friend Steph , she was there helping me pack up for the Scrappin Away Vacation weekend . We had a great time playing Funky Munky ! I won of course :)
Now to blog , do a little surfing and off to bed !! I just love bloggin !

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Great Wonders of my life ...

I don't know what it is lately but I have been reflecting on everything that is changing in my life lately. I have been looking at things differently. I can be found just saying out loud to my friends "THANKS for being my Friend , I am SOOOOOO Lucky !!! Sometimes we just don't actually tell people what we are thinking enough.
I just lean over 20 times a day to kiss my son and give him a big hug...and it could be right after he has done something again that I asked him not to. I find myself smiling alot more.
Nothing that I can pin point happened , it just is . I have been coming up with great little sayings lately that make me smile like, "it isn't a perfect world ...but it is MY world" .
Maybe it is because I started bloggin! LOL

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Words are the best !

Just the smallest changes in your child are so big in your own life. Ever since Josh could talk whenever it was foggy outside he would say "it is really froggy out" I just loved this little quirk of his and no matter how many times I tried to teach him the correct way to say it he would say "froggy" . Well as he approaches being 6 years old next month I have noticed lots of changes. One that stopped me in my steps the other day was as we walked out on our front porch and he said " Mommy, it is very foggy today " . I actually felt myself welling up with tears! He no longer said that cute froggy thing!!! It continues to amaze me as he grows and I notice all the little things that make me realize it .
I also noticed that there are days I catch myself saying things I never thought I would say . I of course am going to scrap this very soon . As I got a wonderful picture of Josh in the Fog , bg ollie paper and some great journaling ! Don't let the moments slip by !!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Good morning !

I am so excited to be blogging finally !
I think I have made a few blogs but never started them and now I have done it !
I promised myself this year I would start blogging and I owe the last little push to my friend and business partner Sarah ...thanks girlfriend for starting your blog :)
What a foggy morning , I am going to go and take a picture of Josh in the fog. The other day he said " Mom it is really foggy out today" , It hit me then that he wasn't saying " Mom it is really froggy out today" ! For so long he had said froggy for foggy , I wrote it down and wanted to do a page about it using Skate shoppe from basicgrey , and now it is a must ...he is growing up so fast ! It is the little things that remind you .

I am getting very excited about the next few weeks , first is the Scrappin Away Vacation Weekend. I love running this little retreat company , it was my first "JUMP" I took for myself , it is actually a success and I love doing the weekends. Then VEGAS !! I am going to my first CHA show and I am like a kid going to a big Candy store ! It is going to be very fun meeting the people I talk on the phone with and place orders with , also looking at all the new wonderful releases from all the wonderful companies. Then the real fun is when we get back to memory lane, pa and we can show all our customers the great and wonderful things we saw! I am going to try and blog while I am there .
Anyone else going ?

So I can check off one more of my "goals" of 2006! I started blogging!