Thursday, March 30, 2006

Music makes me happy!

Music is my saving grace sometimes. Even when things aren't going exactly how you would like them to go I can turn on Jack Johnson and all that can wash away with just a few notes of Banana Pancakes. I highly suggest this cd if you would like to have some great music.
Life is a little crazy right now , trying to "balance" it all again this week.
Donna Downey last week and all the frenzy that goes with that .
Kate recovering from surgery .....she is doing well . One bad night but seems better now.
Running the store and getting ready for S.A.V.E. also , packing up items to take to sell as I vendor the event as well as run the weekend. Thank goodness for some great friends that help me out during these weekends!!

So I will be away for the next 4 days ! Don't miss me too much :) Ok miss me !!

I am sure this weekend will bring great pictures and also some great stories ...but you know "what happens at S.A.V.E. , stays at S.A.V.E." ( but I might leak a few things to you :)
Keep on Scrappin!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

some great family time! After a world wind weekend with the fab Donna D it is nice to have some down time. A Pajama day was in order !! Well at least a PJ morning . This is great with the dogs , Josh and Kate being here just hanging out.
I have also been creating ...will post some pics soon .
I also got some great buys at IKEA with Donna and Sarah ....yeah I am filling those jars up and will take pics soon . I have been redesigning my studio in my mind for months now and think I will have to take the plunge soon and change it around. I have 4 windows in the room and I am just trying to figure out how to make it all work. I think I have it almost worked out in my head. With the upcoming yard sale at mlpa coming it would be a good time to move things around and clean out the stuff I just am not using .
Also getting ready for Scrappin Away Weekend in allentown this weekend. My friend Bridget is coming in and I have missed her very much ! I can't believe it has been almost a year !! She also hasn't seen mlpa and I am excited about that.

On the Josh front , he is just amazing me so much . It is scarey how he is maturing everyday. He had a challenge last week to sit still in school for 5 days. He is in constant motion and I wanted him to start thinking about staying still at times he needs to . So he got a reward for doing that last week . Then this week he is just doing it . That makes me so proud . He also had to do 4 things at school to get his name on this wall of fame thing. He had to say his phone # , Address, Count to 100 and also tie his shoes. Well It was too funny because he wears crocs to school so I had to go and get him a pair of sneakers to tie so he could actually do that one ! I was laughing !! My Croc kid!!
We have been playing with the timer on my camera , it is fun the pics we get out of it .
So this week is little strange , after all the build up of Donna D coming and now it seems a little quiet. Altho I know that many are getting ready for a weekend of cropping at S A V E ! I can't believe it is a year old . Lots has happened in a year ....I am one very blessed lady !

Monday, March 27, 2006

Rock On !!

Is this not the coolest !! Karen thanks for the pic , I am enjoying it very much !!

Then there was another favorite moment when they came to sing happy birthday to Donna at Fridays, ....yeah it wasn't exactly her birthday yet . But then again she wouldn't be here for her birthday so we had to celebrate a little early is all . Embarrassed.....just a little .

This is another favorite pic of the weekend for me . Dani is one of my favorite people on this planet and I snapped this pic at TGIF's . They could be sistas!! Oh and Dani is still talking about getting carted , you go girl !! I think it is funny as her , Christina and I were just talking on Friday about being 20 lbs lighter and our younger days. I told you you still rock!!
This was a great weekend. We just had so much fun and we got to meet a wonderful gal .
Sarah and I are just having fun watching all the excitement at mlpa and we hope that you are too. Donna will be back at some point ! We will all rest up and get ready for the next time.
Looks like I have her in a frigin headlock !! LOL I really didn't tho. In a short time , Donna came to town , we had lots of laughs ...she made lots of womyn smile and she shopped at Ikea !! She wrote on the wall at the store and then she was off to her next adventure. Some people come into your life and leave a piece of them with you when they leave. DD Rocks !
Now everyone go play with their sanding blocks, modge podge and of course your drills!! Safely tho!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Donna Downey is in da House !!!

Need we say more ??? Donna does really ROCK ! She has come into our store and our life and has been a great sense of joy in both. Yeah I am getting deep here but this woman was meant to be spreading herself around and giving a piece of herself to others. She is just too wonderful not to share! She started the Crocmania for us !!

Not an hour in the store and she was on the floor !

And signing the crocs also !!

It has been a great 24 hours so far having her here. Stayed tune for todays update.
We have laughed , to tears. Talked with Cathy Z . Tried calling Stacy Jullian. and chanted Donna's name at TGIF's . We have just been having a crazy girlfriend time . You gotta love it !!

Update also on Kate: She came thru surgery great !!! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Now here is to the hope it is the answer to all the pain :)

Friday, March 24, 2006

One , Two , Three ...GO!!!!

Life's everyday moments ! They are truely the best . This is the scene each day that I drop Josh off at school. I don't remember when it started exactly , but I taught him this a while back and he loved it . So everyday he jumps out of the car, looks back and gives me "our sign" just to say " love ya mom" . Damn I LOVE him so much !!!!
On other news , Yep it is 2 am on Friday and I just woke and can't go back to sleep because my brain is on overload. I think I will hit every emotion I can today . First and most important Kate my one and only soul mate is going to have surgery this morning . She has been in alot of pain for about 7 months now and they are finally going to take out her gall bladder , because they can't find anything else that is causing the pain. It is amazing the test she has gone thru in the past year to just determine what it is not! We have gone thru it together as a family and hopefully after tommorrow she will start healing and feeling better, then we can all get back to fun things !
Second....DONNA DOWNEY is going to be here in like 7 hours !!! OMG this is just the biggest thing for memory lane, pa since we opened in August ! Yesterday I had a list a mile long of things I wanted to get done before DD got in town...and we finished the list !! Christina, Joan and Wendy I couldn't have done it without you !!! Thank you all so much for all your hard work . You all did a great job , doing everything I asked of you and more. Joan ROCKS , she has been making mlpa sparkle for the past couple weeks. IT is so nice to have her with us now !!
Third.....My Sis , Denise. She has come up for the weekend to take care of Josh and Kate for me while I am at the store taking care of business . Thank you Sis !! It is so nice knowing I don't have to worry about every little detail at home while trying to make sure everything runs smooth at the store .
Ok I am going to go lay my head back down , as I try and just give it all up to the universe today and know everything will be ok . Life is Good !!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Welcome Home to memory lane ,pa

So this is my view from the counter each day . We have a little stock :)
Wild Asparagus, Daisy D, Crate, Foo Fa La , Making Memories , Kalidoscope, Basicgrey , Chatterbox, KI Memories , 7 gypsies, scenic route , Bazzill, and so much more ...come and see !
These stamps are dying to be inked !
Rebekka Erikson is in the house and sitting pretty
We LOVE our new Ikea bookcases ! They are just what we needed to spruce the store up :)
Queen & Co ...what I call TOOOOO Frigin Cute !!
Then when you get towards the back you just can't help but stare at this 7gypsies bakers rack !
We can't wait in less then 48 hours Donna Downey comes to our store ! Hope you enjoyed the little tour ...not come and touch , feel, play and create!

Kate's new truck!

Happy Wednesday ! This is Kate's new Truck and she is loving it .
After riding in her 1996 truck this year and having 210,000 + miles on it .
No air no heat , one door that wouldn't lock , windows that weren't going up or down ...and no radio!! She is one happy camper now.
It is the little things that make ya happy, or the not so little things. It is always nice to get something new and shiney.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day today , enjoy the sunshine !

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bonus! Quote of the day

"Senator, when you took your oath of office, you placed your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. You didn't place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible."

Just a Life Artist !

This is what it is all about , as Ali would say are a life artist !
Now this is what Childhood is all about . This is Josh and his bestest buddy Alex . ( Hi Alex!) Alex and Josh have been buddies since they first met. I think they were 2 years old and at their first meeting at the Y in a tumbling class they just took to one another. Now they are 6 , (well Alex will be this month) and they still are very very close. Alex is one kid in Josh's world that no matter how long it has been since they have seen one another they just have a wonderful time . Josh often wants to share things with Alex about his life, when he gets anything important he wants to show or call Alex. I truly believe that is a relationship that will be here for them for a very long time. Alex came over this weekend on Saturday night and stayed over , then Sunday we went to the phantoms hockey game. This was Josh's birthday present from us .
Well I have to say from the time Alex got to the house till we dropped him off there was nothing but laughter from these two ! Belly laughs for over 24 hours. It just made even Kate and I giggle at the silliness these two were creating and enjoying. That is what it is all about , and I am so glad that I am here to document that for them.
So I hope that we all have those friends that make us belly laugh . I know I do !
Cause you know a good 24 hours of belly laughing does the soul good !

Monday, March 20, 2006

Art Happens !

And I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Glad it does !! Now this makes me happy !!! We challenged each of our crew and design team to make a 12 x 12 frame about themselves. Sarah and I also did ours. Well I must I really am enjoying this and have already designed a few more to do for our home. This is done with the Scrumpdilisious new line of Crate Paper that we found at CHA ! I have been in love with this paper since I got the post card in the mail ! I actually had the designer sign my postcard and keep it in my studio !!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is what makes me happy , paper , glue , scissors . It can make the world a better place. Just think if everyone took some of their energy and created a little sumptn sumptn...oh we would have beautiful everywhere !

This is a new sign I picked up this weekend . Josh and I love it and thought it looked great over my scrap area. FUN FUN FUN !!
Well it is only 5 days till ms Donna D gets her self here ! We are so excited about her coming and I have checked each project kit bag about 3 times now .
Time to go and paint the crop room floor and spruce things up more. I have to laugh today it is the first day of spring and as I look out my window all I see are big snowflakes flying around . Gotta love it .
We went to the phantom hockey game last night ...what a blast. I have a little video of Josh dancing to the music ...I will try and link you to it later . Everyone enjoy the first day of spring....Color season is here !!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Some things SUCK ...somethings DON'T SUCK as much !

Being a Mom doesn't suck !
Getting to look at my beautiful boy every day doesn't suck !
Watching these two little guys become friends doesn't suck !
Owning memory lane, pa with Sarah doesn't suck !
Being in my studio creating doesn't suck !
Having GREAT friends doesn't suck !

People blowing you off SUCKS!
Quizonos being out of Prime Rib Sandwiches SUCKS!
Running out of adhesive SUCKS!

Nothing I can do about the things that suck, they are not within my control in a way that sucks too ! I am about to do my journaling for a project , but I am in a bit of a funk because someone just let me down. I guess I wouldn't be so upset ...except I didn't think this person would let me down so it is cutting me deeper. After a month and a half of planning for something and at the last day before it is to happen , getting blown off just sucks. Yep they felt that the other thing was more important ...maybe it is to them . I just think it sucks.

So I am here writing so I can clear my head and get to the happy spot I need to be to journal on my project . I don't want any negativity going into this wonderful project, so this is like breathing out loud.
I think I will go use some primas and pretty paper ....the world is so much less sucky with pretty things like paper and primas in it.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Life is Good !

Love that we just see happy happy faces all day long !! Here is my friend Maria ! Shopping away at memory lane, pa . It is so kewl to be in a place that is just so happy , no stress all day . ( Well I stress a little ) but not that much .
It is just great to have this in our lifes, a place to go and just be happy , to touch paper and product that just gets us giddy inside ...that makes our creative juices flow !! I have a hard time leaving somedays . It is my safe haven, it is something I am good at . I am also having a great time because there is balance happening in my life. Each day I feel I get closer to balancing between living my dream of having a store and also having a great family. I am also getting in my crop room at home more . Not as much as I would like ...but I feel it coming . I am just wonderfully happy in my life right now !! Gosh this is just a great feeling . Time for some sleep :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Is it July yet ????

Ok I am not one to wish my life away ....but I am ready for Rehoboth Beach NOW!!! Every year for the past 8 years Kate and I have gone to Rehoboth Beach
for our summer beach vacation. It started out just the two of us , then we had two friends join us , and of course then Josh . Now we have been having 10 of us for the past 3 years. This year there will be 13 of us !!! We rent this great house we found last year. 2 story house with a porch . It is a little slice of paradise.
My Mom is coming up this year ( Hi MOM!) for the first time , she is really looking forward to it . I can't wait to capture her playing with Josh on the beach ! Josh loves his Grandma.
So this winter keeps going and going . It hasn't gotten to me till today when I saw the forcast and it is going to get colder as the week goes on . Record below normal temps. So I was sitting here sipping my coffee and just thinking how wonderful it will be to be on the beach sipping my coffee. I love to go down when everyone else is sleeping and watch the sunrise at the beach . I also love to watch the dolphins , and that is the best time of day to see them .
Sometimes just that little "calgon take me away moment" is all that you need to get up and get going .

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Takes Love to make a Family

March is a special month in our house. Kate adopted Josh legally on March 31st, 2004. It was a very important date that we will always celebrate. It is bitter sweet in alot of ways tho. Kate has been Josh's mom as much as I am in everyway since he was concieved. It is only the State of PA and yes the United States that didn't know that. When Josh was born , Kate was not "legally" his Parent because in order to be a parent in this State and Country you have to be a "hetrosexual " couple . It doesn't matter if you beat your children , neglect them or abuse them , as long as you are hetrosexual you are "legally " a parent.
It didn't matter that Kate was there every step of the way in the 2 1/2 years of inseminations...that she was there for his birth , that she was there for every 1 am , 2 am , 3 am feeding , no she was not allowed to be his parent "legally" because she was a woman , and not a male . So she had to wait till 2004 when it finally was made legal for same sex partners to both be legal parents to thier children. After a lengthly legal battle in the courts.
Kate and I have lived our lifes very open and honest about who we are . You will not find us on the front lines of every protest about gay rights. We feel very comfortable in our skin and who we are , we have never been real political people. I can't say we don't get a bit angry or at least just have to shake our heads sometimes at the stupidy of some of our goverment figure heads, we actually do that alot ! But we have lead a pretty great life and we are very happy people. No chips on our shoulders , and we are very happy with who we love .
But tommorrow AGAIN they will try and tell us we are not a "family" that we are 3rd rate citizens. That our love is less then "hetrosexual" people , because we are of the same sex.
Here is what is happening:
On March 15th, the Pennsylvania House of Representative's State Government Committee will be voting on HB 2381, the anti-LGBT, anti-family constitutional amendment that would prohibit recognition of same-sex marriage and all unmarried relationships in the Commonwealth.Pennsylvania state legislators are attempting to amend the Pennsylvania state constitution to deny gay, lesbian and unmarried families legal recognition.We need you to call your state Representative immediately and ask them to oppose HB 2381, known as the "Pennsylvania Marriage Protection Amendment."The amendment's text states, "Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this Commonwealth, and neither the Commonwealth nor any of its political subdivisions shall create or recognize a legal status identical or substantially equivalent to that of marriage for unmarried individuals."Ask your legislators to protect all of Pennsylvania's families and not harm some by writing discrimination into Pennsylvania's constitution. Pennsylvania law already stops gay and lesbian couples from marrying, and this amendment is not necessary.So-called marriage protection amendments affect all families in our state, not just same-sex families. While supporters in other states have said these amendments are only about gay marriage, this is not true. In Ohio, courts have ruled that unmarried people, including unmarried heterosexual couples, may not seek protection from abuse orders. In Michigan, groups are challenging domestic partner benefits for employees. Virginia's recently enhanced amendment is so broad that it may interfere with the rights of all Virginians to create wills, medical directives, powers of attorney, child custody and property arrangements, and even joint bank accounts!Thank you for your support. Please forward this information to friends, family, and other people in Pennsylvania who believe in civil rights and equality for all Pennsylvanians.
This makes me so sad.
What is my son going to grow up in .....are they going to try and tell my son that he doesn't have a "real" family? Do they want to tell my son that he shouldn't have been born ? Do they want to tell my son that he should not have his 2 Moms ? Do they want to tell my son that our love that we share is wrong?
How can anyone with a heart and a brain not see that Kate , Josh and I are just as much a family as any other family.....??
It makes me sad....but I will get up in the morning with my head held high , hug Kate, kiss Josh and go on with my day . They will never convince me that MY FAMILY is not a GREAT Family !!!! They can do whatever they want , we will ALWAYS be a FAMILY! Kiss and hug your family , teach them love and compassion and tolerance.....maybe we can bring up the next generation without all this hatred and stupidy. Stepping down off my little box now .
Good night !

Monday, March 13, 2006

Constant Motion

It isn't spring yet by the calendar ...but we have been having spring like days !
It is so fun to watch Josh out there running around in the yard and kicking the soccer ball around.
I am loving having the zoom lens capturing some of these moments.
Next week starts baseball season ...we have had a few weeks off since wrestling ended and here we go again soon ! It is nice tho watching the games and soaking up the sun .
Had a busy day , too much to do and some of it not so fun to do . Taxes ! Blah !!
I did what I could handle , more tommorrow ....I had to quit and just take a little time to create. I had fun working on my frame tonight . We are doing these wood frames that hold a 12 x 12 layout. It is truely fun !
Dani , hope you are enjoying your Ikea buy !! I want pictures.
I will put up pics this week sometime of my little improvements in my studio room . I love some of my finds this week .
Well off to bed for tonight ....long day tommorrow .

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Here is the birthday Girl , Trish ...she is looking so pretty !!
Here are all her goofy friends....yep someone is laying on the floor taking the pic
Then I got up on the counter and they all layed on the floor and this is the result! Yep that is what happens when you are hanging out with your girlfriends on your birthday !! Isn't it great to have girlfriends?!! It is so amazing the relationships we develop as adults, they take longer to get those special people in your life but they are so worth it !
So here we are in all our silliness...who said birthdays are just for kids ???

Friday, March 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Trish !!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your Nutty Friend !!!
Nah nah nah are catching up to me :)

Just remember I am older ....and wiser !! LOL Don't I look it !!

Love ya Girlfriend !

Anyone who wants to wish Trish a Happy birthday just post here . She will be reading .

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Who's Who!

DONNA DOWNEY is coming to MLPA!!! Can you believe this !!! This little spot on the map ...
Ok so here is the funny part. Had you asked me 3 months ago , who is Donna Downey I would have said not sure who is she ? Or .... I would have asked Sarah ( cause Sarah has this un usually freakish thing about knowing alot about scrapbooking designers....amongest other facts like she could probably name at least 400 of the bazzill colors for you !)
So over the past months I have got quite an education about who is who in the scrapbook world. Now my daily rutine includes reading Donna , Ali and Cathy's blogs. O there are others I read also such as Sarah , Maria and Mary's . I would read Trish's but she would need to write something ....that Jan 24th post I know by heart !! Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!
Today is Cathy Z's Birthday ! I love how she wrote about 40 things ....I am going to use that in a layout ...maybe this year for my Double 4's birthday .
Ok I am just giddy tonight ....getting excited about all the great things that are coming up !
DONNA D is coming !
S A V E is coming at the end of you March! and I get to see my good friend Bridget after almost a year !
ALI Edwards has agreed to come in JAN 2007!

Heck now how am I going to be able to sleep !!!!
How much fun is it to be a child ? You get to be a Cowboy Pirate !!
This is childhood to me ! You get to dress in your PJ's put a belt on to hold your sword and of course finish it with a cowboy hat !
I love seeing what he comes up with somedays. The other night he came out wearing his mickey mouse ears and saying he was a mouse viking !
This is all I hope for for him, that he has this childhood. The one that you remember when you are older, dressing up and doing silly things. I don't remember this part of my life at all. It will help that Josh has a Mom that documents his everyday silliness too! I have a layout of him nekked at about 1 year old with the swifter sweeper across his body just right. I love that layout .
I have another layout of him asleep on the potty , I had left for a second during potty training and come back to find him asleep . He was so tired and I was trying to get him to go potty before bed.
It is great scrapbooking these everyday moments...those things that might escape our memories if we didn't document them. Those trips to the zoo , and the birthday parties are great , but don't remember to scrap those pictures and document those moments that will be the ones that made you smile that one saturday morning and you want them to know about those happy moments too.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

That's what friends are for!

Spring is in the air!! Or at least as it is in the 40's we can put a little spring in our hearts! The seasons don't effect me , but I am surrounded by people that it does effect. As winter comes to an end I see my friends around me that are a little depressed , some alot depressed , some having blah days. I just want to wrap them in my warmth and squeeze the bad blahs out of them . Some of them are too far away for me to do that and some are close enough that I can ! My friend Robin was close enough yesterday , that I could make her smile a little more then she had been ! So we went to lunch and talked and then after lunch I took her to memory lane, pa (where else do you go when you need a little pick me up!!) Robin is not a scrapbooker , but I know she has creativity screaming to get out ...there is a big C R E A T E just waiting to be tapped in her heart. So I have challenged her . Mary created this wonderful altered bulletin board (AWESOME!) for a class later this month at memory lane, pa . I helped Robin pick out paper and ribbon , paint and a few gems and challenged her to create her own inspiration bulletin board. I also am making one ! I can't wait to see Robin's work , ( she knows I will be asking alot till I see it )
So if you have a friend that is a little blah , do a little sumpten , sumpten to maybe give them a little pull ! Just redirecting their thinking sometimes is what it takes. Focus on happy ! The yucky , ugly stuff is there , we all know that , just acknowledge it and give your energy to the good stuff . You can do it !! And those days you can't ....hopefully there be a friend there that can give you another direction. Love ya Robin!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday morning Thanks !

My Friend Lisa , loving Urban Couture! This is pure happiness ! The past two weeks have been a blur at memory lane, pa . We have put in so many new items from our shopping at CHA that even our customers are saying "where are you going to put it all "
All the products are just pure eye candy and each day as I walk in the door , I get a smile on my face knowing that this is Sarah and I's place. Just two girls with a dream that has become reality. We have the most wonderful customers, they actually are much more then customers....they have become friends . I look so forward to seeing these ladies as much as possible. I miss them when they are away. They let me know if they are going on vacation , they bring their husbands in to meet us. This is more then a "store" . This is our little piece of heaven, this is our community center.
We now have a design team , and I have to tell you these 8 girls are creating more excitement each time they post on the board or come in the store also. We LOVE having them on our memory lane, pa team !!
The Crew ....I can not say enough about Wendy, Christina , Deena, Jen, Kathy and Tobi. These ladies take care of mlpa just like it is their own. They are always giving our customers the best service , w/smile !
I am just so HAPPY to be living my dream and want to thank all of you for being in my dream with me !!
Enjoy your Sunday !!

Friday, March 03, 2006

for the Love of Crocs !

What a great time I am having with these Crocs !! Josh even wanted a pair ...and I am not sure about why a 6 year old boy would want a pair except his Mom is just down right giddy about her own crocs and created the frenzy in his mind. Cause Mom is still cool when you are six !
So I got Josh a pair of crocs the other day , then put in the dog paws to make them even more " cool" if that is possible!
Josh is so excited to wear his crocs to school ..... here is the convo when I pick him up :
Me: " How was your day "
J: " Great , I showed everyone my crocs"
Me: " What did they think"
J: " They all laughed at them , but they really liked them"
J: " Mom , Can I get a black pair of crocs too"
Me: " You will have to save your allowance for 5 weeks"
J: " OH COOL!" I am saving right now "

As I sit in the front of the car , I feel this little smile coming over my face! I love having my son and I know it is great to have a little girl to share all the shopping thing with , but Josh made my day in that department ! He loves Crocs!!
Last night he asked Kate if he could get his allowance 5 days in a row instead of weeks so he could get his crocs faster . Gotta love the way he thinks!

This morning he asked me if we could go to the store that has them so he could see them. I have never seen him this excited over a toy .....I have created a croc monster !!! LOL

I can't wait to have a picture taken with Donna Downey and Josh in their Crocs ! I tell him this is the Croc Lady . He just giggles.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Too cute for himself !

Ok so he still didn't listen great today , well at least to me !
His Teacher pointed him out today for listening the best in class !!
But he is so frigin cute !
SO he thinks he is all that and a bag of chips ! Well so do I !!

Took these pictures the other night. I wanted him to wear this sweater at least once, he didn't want to cause it wasn't "Cool" , Guess it has to have something on the shirt to be cool. So I told him , I wanted him to wear it so I could take pictures of him in it. Well the day got away from me , and he was about to get ready for bed . He came back out of his room and said " Mom , I thought you wanted pictures of me in my sweater. " Well I dropped what I was doing picked up the camera and photographed him in all his sillyness ! He is just so precious!!!! I love the pics that I got of him , they are HIM!

ok going to bed now ...trying to digest all that happened on LOST tonight. That show is starting to hurt my brain !! Makes me think . If you have any theories please comment . Good Night !