Friday, May 30, 2008

Field day and TGIF!

Ok just a few pics of the fun of Field day!

I just love that pic I got of the back of the two of them in the sack race.
Just made me go awwwww.
I love when Josh cheers , the joy in his face is just priceless.

So it is Friday already and we have wrestling tomorrow and nothing on Sunday.
Not much else going on. We are getting excited for the Alaska Trip and I have
booked all the excursions and everything is done except getting on the plane .....
well that and all the packing! UGH!
Hope everyone has a great weekend...get out and click away!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


That last comment post had to be my Friend Denise!!! She is about the only one I know who would be up! :)

Ok, ok well I am glad to see the excitement for this line. I hope to get it all in the Corner Store today now that I have the jpegs! I loved Ellen's Bam Boom Pop!

So the WINNER is .....

Bunny B said...
Happy Birthday to Laurel!Seems like you've been having a fun weekend! BBQs and Go Karts! Wheee....

So Bunny please email me with your address. CONGRATS!!

And here is my latest picture that has fallen victim to magicsplash did I mention I LOVE this program!!! This is the medal Josh won for 1st place on Saturday. I plan to use the new Bottle Rockets with it and wanted to change the picture to b&w for all the goodness in the paper. So hope to get that done in the next few days. I hate that I haven't created since last friday. I really miss not doing it now that I have got my mojo going. But I have had my hands a little full the past couple days with the Store, finishing up the plans for the Cruise and of course volunteering at school alot. Today is Field Day at school, I think Josh has been in Training this week , extra push ups and sit ups. He likes to win!

SPF 50 GO!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

YIKES! Wednesday Giveaway!!

WOW! Where the HECK did the week go???
That Memorial day weekend can throw you for a loop!
I haven't had that much fun in a LONG time!
Did anyone see where that Case of Smirnoff Artic Berry went?

So Recap...
Yard Cleanup
BBQ # 1
Go Cart Riding
BBQ # 2
Drinking (shhhhh)
Guitar Hero Challenges
more Pinochle
Sunday Morning Pancakes
Great friends

I am not sure if I still can put the weekend all in words. I just know it was great.
I remember at one point looking around at the 30 some people and saying out loud,It is amazing that a little sports brought this group together. Parents all there for the kids and the sport.

So Saturday morning we went to a wrestling tourney, Josh won his Gold medal and I love that Kate picked up the camera and got some great shots. I love this one where he is rolling his opponent.
Smores....just love them all goooy and warm :)

Oh and yes Grandpa and Grandma the Go cart came out! Grandpa bought this for Josh last summer, then came up and put it together in the fall, well we finally unleashed it this weekend. We had kids from 8 years old to 50 years old (Kate!) riding and each one just had this big smile on their faces. I didn't know if we would get Kate out from behind the wheel, she really loved riding. Josh really impressed me as he let his friends have turns on it all day, knowing he would have time to ride it other times. It was really allot of fun and on the 2 gallons of gas went all day. I don't have grass in some places, but it is all good. I look out at the couple bare spots and it really brings a smile to my face remembering all the laughter and smiles. So I guess you could insert here..."You might be a redneck if...." joke! Oh and yes we are getting helmets.

So that is the weekend in a nutshell, I felt so blessed to have such a great weekends surrounded by lots of great people, it was good to laugh and just relax.

Now if you have made it this far....I think you deserve a GREAT Giveaway! Soooooooooo.....I think we should celebrate this great weekend with some BOTTLE ROCKETS!! Wahoooooo!

This is the best picture I can get you at the moment. You will receive all 6 double sided papers and the Cardstock Stickers. ( excluded is the Coupon book and the tags) It is a great new line of paper just in at the Corner Store this week. I haven't even got the jpegs in the store yet. Working on that today!
To play along, just leave a comment here before tomorrow morning and you will be entered. The past couple winners have been having some great fun with their prizes and I hope to continue doing this as long as there are people that would like some giveaways!

Just want to give a shout out to the Birthday Girl Laurel!! Happy Happy!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My new FAVORITE Mini ALbum!

Last night I got to scrap a bit with some friends, so I decided that I would do one of those MANY Kits that I have bought and they sit all pretty in art bins. Well last night the seal was cracked on one of 3 kits I have bought from the wonderful Melodee Langworthy. I have to say I am even more excited that she is coming to S.A.V.E. in August to teach 3 classes!!! I loved doing this little album, and what was even more special is all the photos were taken last night by Kate, yep I said please come out and take some photos of Josh and real prep, everyday clothes and I just had a hug fest with my son,a little tickling, and some bird watching, and asked Kate just to keep clicking that little button on top of the camera, I would weed thru them and get the 15 pics I needed. So the results are below, I just love it and I gave it to Kate as a present (just because) today.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday and Full of it!! Classes, Eye Spy , and Soul


This is going to be a blog and a half, got lots that have been happening.

So first off, I have been meaning to post about this for a while, but now that it is "REAL" and I know it is happening I feel it is safe to post.

Melodee Langworthy is coming to S.A.V.E. at Split Rock Resort on August 21-24!!!!
I am so excited that she is coming to teach and share her talents with us. I personally can not wait to take all her classes!

She will be teaching 3 different workshops both on Friday and Saturday. You do not have to attend the Crop to take the workshops, altho it is a great Crop for the summer. Each Person gets 3 or 4 days, hotel room, Meal vouchers where you can eat at the 4 different restaurants at the Resort, including the Club house on the weekend. Oh and did I get an 8 FOOT Table all to yourself......not that any of us bring that much stuff to a crop!!! HA HA ( ok made myself laugh!)
So you can sign up for her workshops here, or for the Weekend here, The Pieces of Me
and the Travel Album
are pictured now. The Christmas Album will be up soon. Melodee is working on a whole new project to be taught at S.A.V.E. first! The Christmas Album will be offered at 7 PM on Friday and Saturday. Cost has not been determined yet.
So that is my plug of the day! It really is going to be a great weekend to end the summer, get some great pages done, or some wonderful mini albums done too. If you come for just the classes, I will have some table space for you to have between classes to finish up or crop. If you have any other questions please just email me at .
I also have been watching this site, and wanted to play along. So this week I took the plunge!

It is a great site and I love the concept! It got me to go and grab my camera on the hunt for Circles!!! This is a champagne class we have and using my handy dandy new tool Magic Splash I love how it came out!

Now for the Soul Part....Last night we got invited to go see the Philadelphia Soul, the AFL Football team. We have never got to one of their games and I have to is FOOTBALL in your almost feel like you are playing on the field. The seats are right down to the sideline, there is no out of bounds, actually your seats are the out of bounds. At any given moment there could be a football thrown at you! We were in the 5th row, and yep there was a football thrown right in front of us. The Kids before the game, all watching.
What is she smiling about???
Close to the action!
Football in your face!!

So if you made it this far....It is time to head into the weekend, with yard work, pool work, wrestling and ending with great BBQ ribs, shrimp and good, GREAT friends! Hope your weekend is filled with Great Memories!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A winner and a layout!

Here is a layout I did the other day using the photo I changed with Magic Splash. I really like how it came out and had fun with it.

And now what you came for ....

The Winner of the Wednesday Giveaway and the Tim Holtz Love is....

Karen said...
This winter I started experimenting with paint on my pages and I have to say I love the effect. Now I need to get more paint. ;0) hint,hintKaren C
5:58 PM

***ETA**** Karen email me at give me your snail mail address so I can mail you your goodies!! CONGRATS :)

I am so glad I have this to pick a winner, because I wouldn't want to have to choose from those comments! They were all great!

Lots to do today, off to have coffee with a friend, grocery shop, dog food, back to fill orders, mail orders and maybe just maybe.....get to clean up my mess in my scrap room and get ready to crop on Friday with my gal pals!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday Giveaway!!!

Whew where did Monday and Tuesday go???

Today I thought I would show some Tim Holtz love!!

These are some of my favorite staples, always at my desk.

Hope you enjoy them also! Just leave a comment and you will be entered in the giveaway!

Josh and I will pick a winner in the morning.

Got some scrapbooking done yesterday, will post my layout tomorrow.
Having Lunch with my friend Nancy today and so excited we finally get
to have some time together. Looks like rain might ruin my golfing plans
for later, but as Josh said this morning..."they are usually wrong" Talking
about the Weather guys.

So off to tackle the day...Ready...Set....GO!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fun Day!

Ok so today I have decided to make it FUN DAY! Yep I can do that.
When you are working from home you tend to work more then the normal 8 hour day.
You don't always take weekends off, you grab time whenever you can and some days you put in
10 to 15 hours without realizing it. Then every once in a while you need to take a day and do what you want to do. Today is that day!
So what do you do on your fun day?
I want to go no where.
I want to scrapbook, blog read, catch up on favorite shows and make myself lunch and enjoy each bite.
So that is what I am doing.
Now in that outline there are so many great little treasures found.
While reading my favorite blogs I found this great little treasure over at Vee's blog I found this on her sidebar and I of course downloaded it and started playing and 15 minutes later I had

I have pictures I have not scrapbooked yet because I wanted to do this to them. I love highlighting just a splash of color in some of the photos. I will probably be a little obsessive about doing this for a while. Hey at least I am admitting that right from the start!
So now I am going to take this photo and print it and scrapbook it all today! HA!

Also in my Blog catch up I of course visited Ali's blog and she got me to click here and buy almost everything in the store!!
I have to rest now, as too much stimulation in one day will exhaust me! I think my stuffed green peppers are done so lunch is ready!!

Hey if you have any other great finds, please share them here in comments. I will recover from these soon.

Monday, May 19, 2008

It is getting better!

Yes my week of organization worked!!
It is so great to make a goal and stick with it.
Keep going even when you don't think it can be done.
Take distractions in stride, and keep your eye on the prize!
One big WOOT! WOOT! for me :)
I have been trying to add ways I can be a kinder person to earth, and I have the greatest intentions all the time, but my pursuit has been less then great. So since Green day I picked a few things I could really concentrate on and do them really really well.
One was not having anymore to go coffee from Starbucks unless it was in my "cup" no more paper cups. I even passed by Starbucks the other day, because I had left my cup at home. Oh it was so hard, but I did it. It felt good to stick to my convictions. WOOT!

Second, I have these grocery bags, and again intentions WONDERFUL, remembering to put them in the car so I have them when I go shopping.....not so wonderful!
So I am so happy that I did remember, I did my shopping and I did use my cloth bags!! WOOT!
Third.....Last week I wanted to get things more organized, and even tho so much got in the way, the to do list had lots of other things on it...I did get things done! It was such a great BALANCED week. It felt so good. I really feel like I turned a corner last week. I feel like I came out of the muck I have been wallowing in and started to get on more solid ground.
The Results....
Josh's clothes are purged, organized and put away.
I got to scrapbook an amazing page.
I can breathe in my scrap studio, and so can my creativity.
The dining room table is not a dumping site, you can see the table.
Inventory for the Corner Store has made great progress.
I made doctor's appts. that were long overdue.
Our Alaska trip is in the final stages... 35 days to go!!!
I had more time to spend with Josh, it was amazing how much.
So this week the word is....FINISHING!
I want to finish many things this week.
I want to get the items into the Corner Store that are in stock.
I want to get the excursions for our trip booked.
I want to create layouts that are sitting here half done.
I want to get the rest of Josh's room cleaned up.
That is only a partial listing, but I think trying to do everything is part of my problem that puts me in the "muck".
So here we go....another Monday to start the week.......what will you do with it?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Loving life in a small town!

That was only the half of it! We had such a great time yesterday!

There is just nothing like a nice sunny day, great food, good music,

and wonderful friends! That was what yesterday was.

Found out thru our friend Mike that there was a Rib cookoff and Jazz festival down in Perkasie, so we decided it would be a great way to spend an afternoon. I put it out there to friends and they were all for it too. So I headed down about 10 am and got us all tickets for the sampling. The tickets were sold out before noon and the sampling started at 12:30. Glad I got us tickets because they were some GOOD EATS!! Our friend Mike won 3rd place in the Judging by the professional judges, there were 15 contestants and then he WON the People's Choice Award!!! That is where we all got to vote for our favorite ribs. It was so very cool and Mike was just beaming! I have never met a man that enjoys cooking more then this guy. We have been there to break bread with his family and I will tell you, Josh will only eat Coach Mike's chili! Whenever there is chili offered he will say "does it taste like Coach Mike's?" So CONGRATS Mike!!!
I was loving the colors in this ride. Jut an old fashion barrel train ride for the little ones.
Josh conquered the top of the rock wall, 3 times! He is a little dare devil when it comes to sports.
Then what do you do to end a perfect day? Why Fun Oreo's of course!! Oh I just didn't think an oreo could get any better till I tasted a Fun Oreo. Take an Oreo and dip it in Funnel Cake batter and fry it....yep might have knocked a few more minutes off my life, but those minutes of eating that little piece of heaven, I would say was well worth it.

So I will mark this as an excellent day, and move on to today. Which hasn't started too bad since I have got a wonderful cup of coffee and we have no LIST today :) I do have my eye on the new The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian movie, but first I am going to enjoy the sips of my coffee!!

Speaking of I spy with my little eye....
There is a great little site you can play Eye Spy on, just go here and play along! This week it was flowers.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Missing you!

I took the challenge for the first time over at OLW, great challenge site.
Those girls rock the words!! I did this layout today as one of my notes to Josh.
I want him to look thru these albums one day and find these little gems randomly thru out. There is so much I want to say to him, and it doesn't all come out in the right ways sometimes.
I love when I can sit down with my computer and loose myself in words.
They might not have the right sentence structure or the correct grammar,
(if they do it is just luck or grammar check) but they are from the heart,
and really that is all that matters in the end.
So I am posting this tonight for Kate to see,
she is away for a couple days and we are missing her.
Love you, from Josh and I.

The winner is...and Thankful Thursday

The winner of the ATG Gun is ....

Reggienj said...
Hi Rollie. I've been wanting one of these guns for a long time. Scared me at first but after seeing it in action, I really would like one. I know I would save money on adhesive for sure. Thanks for sharing with us. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll pick me.
7:58 PM

Josh had to get to school so I used to get the winner today.

Congrats Reggie and please email me so I can get this sent out to you!

Today I am thankful that Josh got to spend some time with his best buddy! These two have known one another since they were 2 years old, they met in a Mom and Me gym class and instantly bonded with one another. Good think so did their moms! I have to admit over the years since grade school started they have not got to be around each other as much as before when they went to preschool together. So when they do get together now it is just amazing to see how it is like they have never been apart. No matter how many friends Josh makes, he always names Alex as his best buddy. These two really have a special bond and I love that they always have a great time together. So I hope to get them together a bit more this summer and have a few more sleepovers too. We love Alex here like another son and hope he is always a part of our family. Taking this picture just shows how much they are bonded, they both are goofy and damn if they didn't have the same expression on their faces, or is that just an 8 year old boy thing?

I am also thankful for the mornings being brighter and the weather letting us come out and enjoy a little playtime. Cody is enjoying a little morning exercise also. She then comes in and naps after Josh leaves on the bus, it is all good!

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Giveaway Wednesday!

Don't adjust your screen, it really is the ATG Gun...and not just the box!! Yep I told you I was going to do this big and this week is no exception! If you do not own one of this baby, then you need to enter! If you do own this baby, then you know the happiness, but you still must enter because you must know someone that has deprived themselves of this awesome tool. So enter and give it to a friend!!
There is a great story behind this giveaway, and lets just say I am paying it forward today. I own both this and the red gun and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I don't scrapbook without them and it is just a must have tool.
So Go email your friends, tell them all they have to do is post a comment today, before I open my blog tomorrow morning and they will be entered to win!! Or don't tell them so your chances are better :)
Ok off to organize more today.
Mow the lawn.
Have lunch with friends.
Cook Taco's for dinner
Watch American Idol!! GO DAVID COOK!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How addicted are you?

67%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Created by OnePlusYou

Hmmmmm I guess I like this blogging thing.

Go ahead take the test!

Talk a lot Tuesday

This is my layout about our wonderful girl Cody! She is part of our family and I have not done one layout about this terrific girl! I had an email sent to me the other day by our friend V and it was just fitting for this layout. So true how these precious animals come into our life and have so much to show us about love. I wish I could be more like my girl Cody, I would be a better person. So here is to our wonderful girl, even tho she will never be able to read this, I can.

The journaling is :

If you can start the day without caffeine,

If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,

If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,

If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it,

If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time,

If you can take criticism and blame without resentment

If you can ignore a friend's limited education and never correct her/him,

If you can resist treating a rich friend better than a poor friend,

If you can conquer tension without medical help,

If you can relax without liquor,If you can sleep without the aid of drugs

...Then You Are Probably The Family Dog!

Also today I would like to give a BIG Birthday wish to my dear friend Edie! I am so blessed to have her as a friend. She is the quiet shy type that takes a bit to get to know, but she is also that kind, giving, special person that you are so lucky to have in your life. So big Happy Birthday to you today Edie, Hope you enjoy your day!

Oh and on the organization front....made some progress yesterday, I can say my studio is about done. A few last minute touches and everything will finally have a home EVERYTHING! The final steps are organizing my tools. I want to have tools that stay permanent on my desk caddy and another caddy I can take with me. The very final step is to organize my paper, it is out of control and I can't find what I want sometimes. I know there are hidden goodies in my stach that are screaming to come out and play.

Speaking of angels singing....oh I heard them as these arrived in the Corner Store .

Don't forget tomorrow is Giveaway Wednesday, oh and it is BIG!! Really BIG!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

weekend warriors, gardens and it is MONDAY!

Here are the weekend warriors, Ben and Josh adorning their Regional Qualifier Medals for Freestyle Wrestling. Ben is an awesome little man, he has coached Josh and helped him on and off the mat to become a better wrestler. I am so glad that Josh has someone like Ben in his life.

Ben is 4 years older then Josh to spite they are about the same size. He has 2 great moms and we love that these two boys have one another, I hope their friendship continues to grow.
This is "show me the love" Shot!!, or "I could so throw you" Shot.
Then it was back home after a great lunch with Ben, Lynette and Nancy. Kate and Josh started planting our annual Moms day garden. I loved watching him dig and place the flowers in just the right place. It turned out beautiful and I love watching it grow. I say it every year, but I just love and hope that Josh continues with this tradition every year. It is something I look very forward to.
Josh even picked up a worm today. BIG DEAL for him, mister scared of anything that craws or squirms or buzzes.
This was the project I did with Josh's class on Friday. I hope all the Moms enjoyed them.
So it is Monday, time to get this week started! I enjoyed the weekend so much, Josh was on his best behavior and he made Mom's day special for both Kate and I. Today it is time to work on organization. That is my word for the week! I have a plan, a list and I hope to cross this list off by the end of the week. My reward if I do.....American Idol for the Wii !!! Yep I actually wrote that out loud!! So here I go..............................!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why I celebrate today.

This is my reason.
These are my reasons.
I did this layout on Friday night and I just love how it came together. When I had thought about this picture and the layout I would do with it, it wasn't this vision. That is one thing I love about the craft of scrapbooking, you never know which direction some paper and glue will take you.
This was a photo of Josh and I that Kate took on the train ride back from NYC this winter. I love what she caught in this photo. I had alot of journaling in mind for this photo, but this title said it all to me in the end.
I feel very connected to my son. He and I are pals, fierce as it may be sometimes. But I feel we also have the balance of Mom and Son too. It is a fine line. Love is almost a given between a Mom and a son, but like is even more special. I love that Josh and I share the competitiveness gene we have. It isn't always smiles and laughs....but it also is an amazing thing to see your son strive to be #1 all the time. I love his drive, his ambition and hi determination in all things. It is something that makes him a hero to me and at his young age I admire him and what he will accomplish in life with these tools.
I love that I get to celebrate this day as his Mom, I love that he is the reason.

Happy Mom's day to everyone that gets to experience their own miracles everyday. Four legged included!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Just had some fantastic Cropping time with some of the most fantastic ladies around! What started out as a great idea, this week slowly started falling apart, then it all came back together. (If you didn't follow that, count it as a sanity test!)

All I know is I was here, and it is a good place to be!

So I am too tired to scan in all 3 layouts, but did get this one scanned. This was the first layout of the night, and they just got better from here. I am so happy with my creations tonight, pages that I had in my head for a while, stories I wanted to tell, words I wanted to write. All out now.

That 6 am alarm is going to come way to fast! Josh is doing his first Freestyle wrestling tourney tomorrow. Should be fun! Enjoy the day.