Friday, February 29, 2008

An Extra day!!!

So today is Leap Day, which is a day we usually don't get. I mean every 4 years we get an extra day. So I thought today would be a perfect day to do whatever you want to do. It is a BONUS day right?? So I have been scrapbooking for 5 hours....oh I love this hobby. I have only created 2 layouts....but heck it has taken me days to create layouts before. I am getting a little quicker, I think because I have a better sense of what I want to do with the story and the pictures. So here is my result of one of my layouts.

Now I have also been working on our trip to Alaska too. We are now going to take Amtrak from Vancouver, BC to Seattle, WA when we get off our cruise and see a little of Seattle while we are on this trip. I mean it is the home of the first Starbucks! Oh yeah and the space needle!!
So for an extra day, I would call anything you do a productive day!!
Oh and I don't know if you know this but 3 mini cad bury cream eggs have 4 points.
Happy Leap Day!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Soups On!

Stuffed Green Pepper Soup!! Mmmmmmmmm Good!

Wow where did 6 days go?

I can't believe I haven't blogged for 6 days....I have been really working on taxes, the online store and actually scrapbooking! I guess that is where the 6 days went!!

soooooooooo the ick is still here in the house. Kate has got her winter ick and once she gets it , it seems to hold on tight! Josh is nearing the end of his coughing, which I will not miss. He has his energy back and it is a welcome sight.

Kate will be going for yet another surgery this coming month and then next month possibly going for knee replacement. So it will be a very interesting next couple of months. 3-6 weeks on Crutches and then I am not sure what the knee surgery will be like. I hope for a quick recovery and perhaps even a pain free Kate again. It is hard to watch her in pain everyday, but I know it has to be harder to be in pain everyday.

So I have been doing inventory and started entering all the data for the online store. Lots to do there. It will be a slow process, but hope to have things up and going within a couple weeks. I am pushing for it anyway. I am so thankful for the girls offering to help me with is so appreciated! I am truly blessed with great friends!

So this is what it looks like when you get your first good snow day of the season but you have a 101 degree fever. I asked Josh what he was doing , and he told me he wanted to see the snow so he opened the was so sad he couldn't go out and play.

So might be back for a couple days again. Tomorrow more work on the store, then Saturday we have a wrestling tournament all day! GOOOOOOOOOOOOO Josh!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008


So What do you get your 8 year old son for his birthday.....Foo Fighter Concert Tickets...what else???

Josh, Max, Mike and I went to one of the most AWESOME concerts last night. Foo Fighters put on a show like no other. It was a great mix of their old and new songs, and Dave....well lets just say he has AMAZING Energy!!! They played for just over 2 hours. That was after 2 other bands so we didn't leave till after midnight. Now the no school today just fell in place just right! Thanks for the snow!!!

I am so glad to have experienced this with Josh. Back when I was growing up I KNOW for a fact my parents would have NEVER taken me to a Rock concert. I know for a FACT we would not be listening to the same music. IT is very cool to see Josh's love of music, not only that his love of GOOD music...which is so important. I will not forget this night, and I don't think Josh will either. It was pretty amazing, the production was outrageous and when they brought down the second stage out of the ceiling and played their old acoustic was just unbelievable. I hope we can enjoy more concerts together, before it is so uncool to be with your Mom!

A big shout out to Mike new concert buddy!! ROCK ON!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Message board down.

Ladies, Proboards is trying to fix the problem, but it may take a while. they are having some script issues (whatever that means). So be patient it should be up again soon! Now go scrapbook something while we wait!!


back home!

What a FANTASTIC weekend!!!
I got to see one of my Idols this weekend. Stacy Julian I don't know if the word Idol is too strong, because I think some think of an idol as untouchable. Stacy is far from untouchable. Actually she is so there. I just love her outlook on life and scrapbooking. It isn't Earth shattering, it is simple. It is amazing to me how simple things are the hardest to get to.
So this is a fly by post as I need to get up and get going. But I wanted to share one of my favorite layouts I did this weekend. I LOVE this picture of Kate and Josh, and when I look at this photo, LOVE is the first word that comes to my mind. My love for them, the love I know exist between them and the love I feel when they look at me. Have a great tuesday....more to come on my weekend lessons!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tomorrow is Friday!

Yes I know today is Thursday, and it is Valentine's Day! But tomorrow is Friday...and that is exciting!

Friday I get to go on a roadtrip with some great gal pals!! We are headed to Scrapbowl 2008!!! I can't really explain how excited I am to be doing this. I love that I get to go and scrapbook, take classes, laugh and have just some silly fun. It is a treat for me, because when you own a scrapbook store and a Scrapbook retreat are usually working these events while everyone else is having fun! Don't get me wrong...I LOVE what I do, but getting to do it on the other end is just really exciting. So Trish, Deena and I are meeting tomorrow morning and we are heading out on our Road trip. We are already plugging a few stops into "Betsy" and I can't wait to visit the Paper Source in Georgetown!!! I have seen some really cool stuff from there and want to go and touch and buy some! Hope to hit a scrapbook store also along the way....then it is on to Scrapbowl! Where we will start the evening with a private reception with Stacey Julian, then she is also the keynote speaker. Class with Stacey in the morning and then another class with Shimelle Laine. Then the rest of the time hanging and laughing and just enjoying! There are 11 of us in our group, I love these girls!!

So I went out to the salon yesterday and got my hair colored....I am loving it!

It was getting just a bit too dark!

I also created a layout!

Feels so good to have my mojo back! I love the all the inspiration out there right now, Girls on my message board have been creating at great rates. It is fun to be able to share our creations with each other and inspire each other. It is like being at a virtual crop everyday!!

I also wanted to let everyone know , THANKS for all the great well wishes for Josh at his tourney this past weekend. He took 2nd place!!! He wrestled harder then I have ever seen him, and he really wanted to win the championship. He did lose 0-2 . He came up againest a great little wrestler that was a 6th grader. Josh only being in 2nd grade....didn't feel so bad after he found that out. He was quite upset he lost tho.

So everyone have a great V Day....but remember there are 365 days a year to show your love.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

From Colon Cleaner to an Owl Broom!

What do you get when you take 4 silly girls, a bottle of Colon cleaner, some sunglasses and an Owl Broom?


Ok so this is one of those "Had to be there" kind of post....but it is one that I am glad I was there.

I have to tell you it is GREAT to take a day and be with your girlfriends for a few hours, just to laugh and forget that the world is out there. To be in your own little world. I have really found out over the past few months that that is important!

So our day started out with a little lunch, and of course when you have a wall of hot sauce bottles with names like "Colon Cleaner" it is a photo opp waiting to happen! Then when you think you can't laugh anymore you head over to Starbucks and find the Owl Broom , and there again, what does it scream? PHOTO OPP!

Course when you have the cutest little 5 year old on the planet with you wearing her sunglasses it just doesn't get any better then that! So here's to you Sydney Lu!!! And I will be back to challenge you in Boxing!! Put your dukes up!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Having a little girl....

Is SO much FUN!!!

I get to watch my little Neice Merideth today and we are having a great day! ( Hi Aunt Kate!!)
We can't wait till you get home to play!
Little girls are just too fun. I am so glad I have a little girl to watch grow up in my life. Josh turning 8 this past week, and then seeing little Mer here just brings back so many memories. She is 4 months now and I remember so vividly when Josh was this age. Smiling, cooing, and drueling! Glad I get to relive these days every once in a while.

On other news....I had the BESTEST Day yesterday cropping with my Gal Pal Ruby! We did some great pages and had great girl time. I just love this gal!

Josh has his Year End tourney this Sunday coming up....he is ranked 2nd out of 14 kids in his division. Not bad for an 8 year old in a division of 64 lbers, that range in age 6-11 . We are hoping he has a great day. He has worked so hard for this, this year. Last year he was ranked 12th out of 12. GO JOSH!!

Ok back to playing with this cutie pa tootie!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Let Scrapbook season begin!!

So excited to be done with some things that I had to do. Now it is time to do a few things I want to do!

So today was opening day of Scrapbooking Season! Here was my first layout in a long time. More to come!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tom Cruise Parody ala Scrapbooking

Just can't get enough of this! This is good CZ TV!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

So glad for a little sparkle!

Ok, I am here to admit, I was shaking a little this morning with excitement as I opened the 3 boxes of Thicker Love! Roller Rink ( pictured here) , Playroom...little felt beauties that make my girlfriend Ruby shutter! , and Jewerly box....with just the right amount of shimmer! All IN STOCK at the Corner store....YEP Even before most are heading to CHA next week to purchase them....I will be here already playing with them :) You can be too....just give me a shout and order them! You can email me @ , or Go to the S.A.V.E. message board and see all the current inventory in stock!

3 Coaches albums done!! Banquet tonight, pictures tomorrow.

Josh got sick in the middle of the night last night. There is nothing like your child being sick to remind you how much you love them. He wants to do nothing but cuddle up with me. I just took a little break while he finally fell asleep. Poor little guy is not doing well, he wants to eat, we do a little toast....we do more in the bucket ( repeat) . So I am just trying to keep him hydrated at this point. I see alot of spongebob in my afternoon.

So other then Thicker love and Josh love.....I continue to just love life! Enough said

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Birthday my little miracle!

My Little football fan! This is a special Cake I had made for you by a great little baker Maggie. She is starting her own little business and I tasted one of her cakes last week, and can't wait to have more tomorrow.

WOW you are 8! It is really amazing how 8 years have gone by. I have been so blessed to be your Mom. This week I took alot of time to reflect on the past 8 years. I looked at your scrapbooks I have done and I went back thru lots of pictures I have taken over the years. I came back to one word each and everytime....AMAZING! You are just amazing, your eyes, your smile, your thirst for everything. You always want to know EVERYTHING. You have so much passion in everything you do. You love people, and usually go for the underdog. You love school, you love sports. You are an amazing little work hard and love to win.
You have taught me to love more. You have taught me that no matter what is wrong with the world, no matter what happens out there...that family is the most important thing. That the fact we get to have each other in our lifes...the rest is so small.

So my little buddy..THANK YOU! I love you so much.

Here is a picture of Josh with his little buddy Griffin. I thought this was so adorable how they were sharing the ipod earphones. Hey Griffin!

one more day....

as a 7 year old. Can't believe this is from only 1 year ago. Can't wait to celebrate another year of being your Mom!

Friday, February 01, 2008

OK ......we have a hint!

We think he has been crashing Weddings!!