Wednesday, April 29, 2009

National Place Winner from the Tournament of Champions!

What an exciting year for our little guy! 
Josh has entered 2 National Tournaments this year and he has placed in both of them.
He got 2nd at War @ the Shore, National Folkstyle Tournament
and he just placed 3rd at OHIO Tournament of Champions Nationals.
At Ohio , he lost his first match and had to win 7 in a row to come back to 3rd place!!! 
He just continues to amaze me with his dedication, determination and just right out love of the sport of wrestling. He is a little warrior at the whole age of 9! 

Josh also has been doing wonderful in school, which we really are so very proud of, he brought his Science grade from a B to an A this last marking period, making it 2 A's and 4 B's !! He also improved all his behavior points and has +'s in many areas, which means strength.  We are so very very proud of how hard he has been working to be a great student and athlete at the same time. 

So we are now on our way to Eastern Nationals this next weekend, where Josh will be competing for the 3rd year in a row. If he keeps wrestling the way he has been, he will hopefully return to the podium. 

Below are a few recent pictures I wanted to share. 
The Dandelions are up and Josh greeted me at the door yesterday morning with a fresh handful. 
Podium shot @ Ohio
The Tournament of Champions Clock for 3rd Place
War @ the Shore 2nd Place Trophy
Podium Shot from War @ the Shore