Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It just doesn't get cuter then this!

Losing your first tooth! I don't remember as a child losing any of my teeth , but if I was half as excited as Josh was then it was a great time. He worked on it for a good 15 minutes, then came back from brushing his teeth with it in hand. Jumping up and down and so excited that there was no longer one tooth in his mouth. It is amazing what kids think about these things. While they are so excited because it means they are getting older, bigger . I felt that little sadness that he is getting older and bigger. I went right to the first time we saw this little tooth coming in at 4 months old. Now it has run a cycle and is no longer there. Life is truly amazing , it is the little things that makes up the big thing called life. I am so frigin blessed to be able to watch this amazing little person grow every inch. There truly is nothing more amazing and wonderful. It makes all the other things seem so small.
People often ask me how I do " it " . I must say it is because of Josh. When I get angry or upset about everyday things, things not going exactly how I want, people letting me down. I must say I just go to my happy place. The place where I remember many conversations with God , asking for a miracle , asking for Josh. I remember not really caring about anything else. So when I get fustrated with people or things, I just remember that it too will pass, and I get to come home and see my little guy. There is nothing that can compare to that. Enjoy the holiday season! Less then 2 weeks to go.

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