Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Year 2006!

What a year !
It started out with a Trip to Las Vegas , our very First CHA for the store. It was a blast!
Then Josh turned 6 years old and it was quite a learning year.
Kate and I did allot of improvements on the house this year , the bedroom got a face lift and the living room a new coat of paint, a new sofa and curtains. We just need to change the flooring and it will be complete. Well except for the fact that Kate wants to knock down the wall.
Summer brought our annual trip to Rehoboth beach , which is always the best of times. I love the people that go and we didn't know it then , but it would be possibly the last time we all get to go together. Which makes me sad. There will only be 6 of us going this year due to some issues with some of the couples time wise and financial issues. But we will always have fun in RB and we will miss those not with us. Who knows maybe new people will join in our tradition.
The fall came and Josh was swallowed by the big yellow monster! I still remember that feeling that day that I lost a little piece of my baby. And I didn't know how true that was , but he is growing up so fast. 1st Grade has shown me how much. He is developing his own little personality and making some of his own choices. He has to learn how to make his own decisions when I am not around, and you can only sit back on some things and let him do that. It is hard and painful sometimes, and other times you kinda beam knowing that you have given some of the morals, values and tools for him to make the right choices.
We are having a very mild winter this year and we had a fantastic holiday open house once again. It was over flowing with people and Kate and I just love to see our friends and families pile in our house till it burst. Each year we see our ole friends that come every year and also invite in new friends that we have met thru the year. It is a wonderful blend of our life and a great way to measure your life. Friends are very important to us. Sometimes you wonder who your true friends are, but we know with each year that comes and goes , we have some of the most wonderful people in the world in our life. That is what is important.
So as 2006 comes to a close and 2007 waits to open new doors and adventures, I hope you can also reflect on some great times in 2006, and look at 2007 as another year to make even more great memories.
Whatever you do to celebrate , have fun and please be safe!!

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  1. denise sanner1:01 AM

    what a wonderful post rollie . . .such a great recap of a wonderful year . . .all except the fact that "I" wasn't invited to the bash of the year! lol you know i am just kidding. the alcohol made me say it one more time! sad to hear you will be without some of your friends at rehobeth next year . . .but we must accept the change that life deals us each day. thanks for being a part of my life this past year!