Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Still Rollie's Words....

Just hanging a new sign for this month.

The Corner Store sign was made by my great friend Julie and I wanted to hang it up here for this month. Since this month starts a new year and a new beginning. I love having this little store and this month I am vending for the first time at an event. Rosie is doing her Katrina Crop again this year. I am so happy to be a part of this. It has a special place in my heart. These families are still struggling to get their life's back, and so many have forgotten that there are so many still suffering so much from the horrific event. So we are going to raise some money to help families get back on their feet. Some great raffles and prizes are up for grabs!

It is hard to believe that one week from today I will be heading up to Split Rock to get ready for 4 days of cropping at S.A.V.E. . This is an annual event that I look forward to every year. This year promises to be even better then ever before! Great classes and great people to spend four days with!!

So in other news, We took our trip to NYC on Saturday. Kate had gotten the family tickets to see one of my favorite books/movies, "The Color Purple" and it was starring one of my favorite singers FANTASIA!!! So we headed up to the city on the train and headed over to "The Top of the Rock", It was a great day to see the city. We rode the subway, which seemed to be one of Josh's favorites. He liked being able to stand and hold on to the pole.

One of Josh's favorite bands...Green Day! I love this picture!
The Play was AWESOME, AMAZING and more AMAZING!!! I just love the story this book tells, it is a great love story. Learning to love yourself when no one else will. To come from a place where everyone is telling you that you are nothing, and becoming something. How one person caring about you can change your life....but most importantly you have to care about yourself. The music was just amazing! I love the song "HELL NO" and of course the line " God would be pissed off if you walk thru a field and didn't notice the color purple" I still find myself quoting the play. Bought the sound track at intermission, because I knew I wanted it on my ipod. I know that Fantasia is now done with her tour on this show, but I hope she does more, her voice is just amazing!
Josh is enjoying his Ipod Nano....(thanks Grandma) We watched Sponge bob episodes on the way back on the train. I love this picture as we are sharing the head phones with each other.
Then on Sunday it was off to a day of wrestling. We wrestled CB South, their one team has not been beat in 5 years, and our boys did great. We didn't win the Varsity team match, but we gave it a good try. Josh had 3 matches and he went 2-1 for the day. I have had a good time working on getting better wrestling pictures. I still have a long way to go but they are getting better. A lot less are blurs on the screen. We have started taping all his matches also. Kate is having a hard time taping but is getting better. It is hard to yell and hold the camera still. Besides you are doing the moves with them too.

So here we go...2008 is up and running....and I got thru my first session of exercise yesterday! Still don't like it...but did it! I will go back Thursday and continue...maybe one day I will like it. Doubt it tho!!


  1. Hey Rollie! I hear you made varsity cheerleader!

    Can't wait till next week, when I'm not teaching. Then I can come to morning class and watch you shake your pompoms.

    Seriously...I had jelly legs for the rest of the night. I can't imagine what's coming next.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your christmas present from Kate so much, what a nice family trip. I need to ride the subway next time, sounds like fun. And you can do it with the aerobics, you go girl!!!

  3. What a busy girl you are! Look like a promising new year!

  4. Love that photo of Josh with the Greenday sign - awesome. Glad you had a wonderful NYC trip - see you soon.