Tuesday, September 09, 2008

One Proud Mama!!

Yep I was a beaming Mama on Sunday!
I am not the easiest Mom when it comes to expecting excellence.
I always ask for 110% of Josh in whatever he does.
We have many talks about the difference of playing something for fun and playing
something to be a champion. In sports Josh has big dreams and expectations of himself.
He wants to be the best, he wants to play in the NFL , he wants to play in Highschool, in
College (right down to already picking where he wants to play in college).
I think it is great to have these dreams and hopes and the drive to accomplish them.
Josh is one of those kids that is athletic enough to possibly do this , to see his dreams come
So this Sunday Josh gave more then 110% , he was in on so many tackles we lost count. He ran for 1st downs. He got the job done. Yes there is no I in team and the whole team did so well, I have to give Josh his due , for all the times I drive him to do just what he did on Sunday, his job all 4 quarters of the game.
We have a great group of kids, they are all having a great time and being 3-0 on the season is making for all smiles! WTG Josh, I am so proud of you!!!
This is my other Proud of moment! Look at that Smile, FINALLY!!! I have missed that smile for so very long. It is not fake , it is not forced, it doesn't have pain behind it. I am so proud of Kate for all the hard work she is doing to get herself moving again. Tomorrow will be 8 weeks since surgery and Kate is riding the bike a mile and 1/2 on level 4 at Physical Therapy!!! She has such great range of motion , the therapist are just amazed. It is so great to see her not in pain everyday. Life is good!!

As for me, I miss my scrappy friends right now. Not that I have had a minute to scrapbook much , but still miss them. Life just seems to get more and more crazy everyday.

So today is my Lunch Duty day...I love seeing Josh during the day at school hanging with his friends. (I haven't told him I am coming today).

Ok back to work ....S.A.V.E. opens up in 6 days!!!


  1. Great Pic of Kate! Yes, it looks so natural. Josh looks like a tough football player in that one pic. He has his game face on.

  2. YAY! Everything sounds like it's going great right now!!! Enjoy!!

  3. yipee! you know you all make me smile!