Saturday, September 06, 2008

When did the calendar get turned to Sept?

And when did this little guy get so big and become a 3rd Grader!! I can't believe 3rd grade, he is just trucking along, growing , learning. He is my little super hero! He was less then thrilled with the approaching school year. I think more that summer was ending. But come the first day of school he marched off like a trooper and when he came home later that day he had a huge smile on his face and exclaimed that his teacher was really nice. He also has one of his buddies in his class and one of his football teammates too. So he is all set and ready for a great year.
There is the big Yellow Monster swallowing him up. It came so fast this year this was the only shot I got. Everything seems to be moving faster lately.
Here was our little bit of , life doesn't always go as planned. A freak thing happened and the car jumped out of park ( after the key was removed) and rolled down into our front lawn and ran into the poor little well house. No one was hurt, and the car is in for repairs now. Then it is off to the mechanic to find out the problem. I have since looked things up on line and Ford seems to have some issues with the transmission doing this before. Not good!
Our 2nd week of football proved to be another good one. Josh scored a TD and made some awesome tackles. He was put in a new position (Defensive Tackle) and seems to really like busting thru the line and breaking up plays. We won 19-7 and go 2-0 for the season!! This weekend is not looking good for football. Waiting to hear from the commissioner to see if we are going to have games today. Hope Hanna keeps going east.

So as we get in the swing of Sept, I am busy with The Corner Store and S.A.V.E. with Scrappin Away Vacation Events opening in 9 days for the January Event things are in full swing on this end. We have some excitement this year as it is our 5th year doing these events!! So I have invited some great teachers to help us celebrate. Lisa Pace, Mimi Leinbach, and Jen Starr will all be teaching classes at the event. I just couldn't hold out anymore, I am so very very excited about these ladies coming all at once!! I have already got some pictures of the projects and WOW is all I can say!! We will also be doing a Charity Auction and Raffle this time, I missed doing this the past couple events. So look for all the information coming soon!

Oh and READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!! Can't wait for Football Sunday!!


  1. Lisa M. Pace9:14 PM

    You best not blink because before you know it he will be starting high school.

    I cannot wait to get up there and teach some classes. This is going to be such a fun weekend.

  2. Yeh..I can't believe how quickly the summer went. Back to school!
    Still can't believe that accident with your truck.
    I really am coming to SAVE in January. I am trying to talk Isabel into coming!

  3. Josh is looking so big, love the back to school pics. Glad football is off to a good start, hope you got your game in this weekend. I sat through Hanna's downpours at Nick's soccer game.

    So looking forward to the January SAVE, gonna be a great few days!