Friday, January 09, 2009

2009...I can accept that

Well Hello Blog!
I have missed you and I have to say, 2009 snuck up on me fast!
I can not believe that in 4 days I will have been doing this blog for 3 years!
That is so cool. I love looking over the post from the past 3 years and seeing where I have been and what I have done, good and bad. I love reliving the times about Josh and our family. The things we have lost , the wonderful times we have gained. I am sure this year will prove to be another great adventure.

Josh will be 9 years old in 25 more days!!! WOW WOW WOW....I just can't grasp that yet. I still remember driving away from the hospital and looking back and seeing that we really had a baby boy we were taking home to love and cherish...and now....we have a wonderful little boy that we love and cherish and has filled our life in so many ways.

Ok now I am hummming "How do you measure a life" from Rent! Oh that one will be there all day!

I am getting ready for another S.A.V.E. , this is our 5th Year, WOW again. I am guessing that is my word for today! With 100 ladies coming to this event it will be a wonderful time again. I always get a little stressed getting everything ready , but once up there and things are moving along, it all falls together and we have a wonderful time. This time I am excited to have Mimi Leinbach and Jen Starr coming to teach and do make n takes!

I have picked a word to be my mantra in 2009, it is ENJOY! I find myself doing , doing , doing, and not always enjoying what I am doing. Not that I am miserable, just need to relax and enjoy more during the moment. Balancing the doing with enjoying. Scrapbooking more. Oh I need that so much. I know so many of us in the same place, the Scrapbooking gets put off except when we plan a weekend to go and do it. I am going to make an effort to take those moments in the day when I can sit down and create. leave a spot to do that. I am lucky I have a whole room for this, but I let it get over run with other things and then I don't have my space. That is changing right now. A new place for the bills to be done, a new place for the business paperwork. A new place for all other things that clutter my desk. Clear yourself a little space too, a little time, and start creating those pages. I challenge everyone that reads this to a page a week. Ok so every Friday starting Next Friday , I will post a layout....I challenge others to do the same , in your comment link me to your layout , I will pick a layout each week as the layout of the week, and there will of course be some type of prizes involved. You know how I like to give prizes!! OK who is in!!?? Come on ladies lets take back scrapbooking!!!


  1. Well of course I am in! Great post and pic of Josh. Just yesterday I was wondering if you had given up on blogging. I am glad you haven't :)
    I have narrowed down my 2009 word but am still not sure. I will be sure to let everyone know when I have decided! Have a great day.

  2. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Great to see your still blogging.
    I hope to do alot more scrapbooking.
    Seems that slips away when you get busy.
    Josh is so cute love seeing him grow up to be the nice young man he is.
    Time goes so fast. I am glad Kate and you are making the most of every minute with him.
    I know I have no regrets about spending all the time with Bill and Francine they are the greatest treasures of my life. So ENJOY

  3. Hi Rollie...I gave you one of those blogging friends award thingies and some "link love". Have a Great Weekend.

  4. I picked a word too and I updated my BLOG - yes I did :) how's that for a new year's shocker?!!

  5. Hey Rollie....You made the "Top Blogs of Harleysville today. Cool.