Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday .....mohawks!

It must be Saturday !!! Football !! how is that face for a game face .

And you must admit , the mohawk just gets better every week .
Speaking of the week ....what a week it has been . I really miss having time to sit and blog . I must admit trying to get used to this schedule , is alot .
I love being home at 4 pm to get Josh off the bus , I love being able to cook dinner 4 nights a week. But it is a change to the stillings system. That 7 am wake up .., getting breakfast , then making lunch . Getting Josh on the bus and then getting myself going for the day .
I know it doesn't sound like it should be that hard. It is just a change to what we have been doing for 6 years. Josh had afternoon K and we did kinda what we wanted to .
We are getting the hang of it tho. I just have to adjust my sleeping habits and get to bed a bit earlier then 2 am !!
I want to give a shout out to all my great friends this week !! All of you that have called and offered your support and services are the BEST !! You sometimes never realize how many great people you have surrounding you till you need them . Then as they say....the cream does rise to the top ! I thank you so much !!!
Well I am off to watch a movie . Hope I can stay awake :)

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