Monday, January 08, 2007

The new year has a lot in store for me.

Josh WINS!!! It was so amazing yesterday to watch Josh wrestle, we have been having a real life lesson this year with wrestling. It is a bit hard for a 6 year old in his second year of wrestling, when the avg age for a 60 lb wrestler is 8 -11 years old. So this means he has to wrestle kids that are in their 4th to 6th year of wrestling. His first win came yesterday! He never stops trying in a match no matter what. He shows so much determination and will to win. I have been shown by this little guy more about life on this wrestling match then most adults have taught me.

He knows these kids are older, he knows they have been wrestling longer, but that never stops him from trying to beat them. It is amazing to watch him, he is really learning moves and learning how to think of what to do next. Wrestlers have to be very quick , very strong in both mind and body. The conditioning that they go thru is amazing. I never knew all this before 2 years ago. Josh has probably learned over 30 moves in just the short 2 years he has been doing this and he can name them and show them to you. You will find him sometimes just practicing moves at home. He can do real pushups, situps and he is getting little muscles on that little body.

It is something else to sit there and watch your little guy on the mat , knowing you can't do anything and they are on their own. Sometimes are harder then others. Josh is also getting lessons from Bobby Weaver, an Olympic gold medal winner in wrestling. Bobby is so great with the boys and getting individual attention from a gold medalist is pretty darn special. I can see the difference in Josh this year, I think we are in for a long wrestling career if he can get thru the tough years of being bigger and younger. Again he amazes me so much. I hope he knows how proud I am of him, I make sure I let him know all the time.

On another note, I got a new addition to my scraproom this weekend. Isn't it PRETTY!! Kate picked it up for me and I hope to do alot of great creating on it. I have a great space now to spread out what I am doing. My room is going to see alot of action this year. Thats about it for now, January is a crazy month with ordering for the store, S.A.V.E. weekend coming up for 4 days and then off to California for a week of CHA!

Oh and I have picked a word for 2007....PEACE !

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