Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I have nothing....

On my camera card. I have been so lazy lately.
Not picking up my camera.
Not really wanting to shoot anything.
Too tired to scrapbook, not really wanting to.
Just wanting to sleep.
Not feeling alot of passion about anything.
Very excited for Josh.
Very scared for him also.
Ready for Rehoboth Beach.
Loving all the great items coming in at the store.
Wanting to get lots done in the house.
Finish the bathroom.
Finish the Kitchen.
Actually redo the kitchen completely.
Want a real lawn, green grass, not just weeds.
Hating this annoying pain in my side.
Wanting Josh to get why he has to do his homework right.
Not take shortcuts.
Feeling very scattered.
Wondering who I can trust.
Feeling unsure of somethings.
I am ok.
It is good to write this all down.
Going, going, going.
Time to go.


  1. Anonymous6:44 AM

    rollies gotta get outta this funk . . oh yeah . . .gotta get out of this funk . . .cuz josh gotta a national tournament this weekend . . .oh yeah . . .sing along with me girlfriend . . . it is okay . . .remember?

  2. Anonymous8:03 AM

    kEeP yOuR sUnNySiDe UpUpUp:)

    xoxo GuEsS wHo