Wednesday, April 25, 2007


That is all I can say.
So many of you calling, writing and just stopping by.
Kate sent me flowers( nothing to do with my blog)
This blog is as much my therapy as anything else.
I have always found that if I write things out, I can let
them go. I can tend to bottle things a bit here and there,
believe me I am SO much better at not doing that now,
compared to my 20's. But every once in a while it sneaks up on me
and then I realize that it is all there tucked away and I don't
like myself to do that.
So out it comes....sometimes in the weirdest of ways or times.
I found myself snapping at a friend last week, and I didn't like that.
I said I was sorry, but I shouldn't have been like that with her.

I get short with Josh, and I HATE that, he doesn't deserve that.
So anyway...I am on the up swing as they say. I am not a real
moody person. Pretty even most of the time.

I love my life, and you can love it and still have moments
that aren't stellar. You can be just fine and still feel a bit
run over sometimes. It is all good, and as one friend would
say..."Keep your sunny side up!"

So again, thank you girlfriends for your thoughts today.

Kate, thanks for the flowers sweetie...they made me smile.

On a GREAT was a great day for memory lane, pa
We sold out our 3 classes at CKC in 50 minutes. That was such
an amazing feeling, and Julie you are with the big
Mouse in Disney...I wonder if you could hear our yells of joy from up
here in PA!!!
Damn it is good to be me!!


  1. Anonymous11:57 PM

    glad you are ok- was worried there for a bit. remember- if you hurt, we hurt for you:)


  2. Glad you are doing better.

    Congrats on the class selling out!! That is awesome!! I saw it when I was in a few weeks ago and it was gorgeous! Yay mlpa!