Sunday, April 22, 2007

Skittles, sportsmanship and Sunshine!

So how great is it when your homework says.... Practice spelling your words by spelling them out in Skittles! Now I know I don't remember alot about my childhood, but I think I would remember getting to spell out my words in skittles!!
Every week Josh practices his spelling words and they get to pick 3 ways to do it on their tic tac toe grid. There are such things as this , spelling them in shaving cream, cutting out the letters from the newspaper and spelling them and so on. It works! Josh has scored 100 on all his spelling test and loves to pick up a bag of skittles and let them practice spelling!

A pretty big day in the Stillings house, First Josh has qualified for MAWA Eastern Nationals. 16 of the best 60 lb Bantam will be competing for 8 trophies next weekend.... and Josh will be one of them. It was great to see how excited Josh was about this. He is ready to get in there and wrestle. SO this week it will be two nights of practice and lots of drills. It should be a great weekend and what an experience for him. Not to mention he has two very proud parents. Wrestling is not a sport for everyone, it is one hard sport, and it is not all about being an athlete, it is mentally a sport that you have to pick yourself up off the mat each time, no one to blame, no one to depend on but yourself. It can really mold you, and at this young age Josh is already showing the heart and head for the game.

Also last night we went to Josh's wrestling banquet. This was a great time for him to see his buddies and he had many many people wishing him luck for next weekend. They have all watched this little guy come into this program not knowing alot and going all the way to Eastern Nationals, and believe me we were not the only ones taking pride in that. You could see it in every coaches eye last night how proud they were of Josh and the other 4 boys going. Josh got the Sportsmanship Award last night, which the coach made a very nice speech about Josh, saying he could very easily gotten "Most Improved" also , but no matter what Josh came off the mat win or lose with a great attitude.
And last but not least ....THE BEAUTY of it all! Oh the sunshine was good to us yesterday.


  1. Lisa M. Pace1:05 PM

    WOW... what a boy you two have. To me of all the awards one can be given this is the best trophy anyone can receive. I am really proud of him. So make sure to tell him someone in Texas is cheering him on. Good luck and way to go Josh.

    Rollie... I miss you! Can't wait to see you again. I hope it is someday soon.

  2. Anonymous7:34 PM

    WOOOHOOOO JOSH . . .most of the awards given last night went by statistics . . .sportsmanship has to be earned by your attitude and your personality . . .truely the most honorable award a parent can witness their child receiving. way to go rollie and kate for guiding josh along the way.

  3. Anonymous7:36 PM

    oops forgot my name on the last one . . .but had to tell you this too. as i'm waiting for the picture to come up . . .ethan walks in . . ."mom ~ what is josh doing?" me: "practicing his spelling" . . E: "oh thats stupid ~ does he get to eat them though?" in the next couple of years he'll get it. love his teachers teaching approach.


  4. What a cool way to spell out your words!!

    Way to go, Josh!!

    It was indeed a beautiful weekend!

  5. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Congratulations, Rollie! That's just as much your, (And Kate's,) award as it is Josh's.

    I always said that I would want my kids, if I had any, to be the nice kids. Sportsmanship is so important on and off the mat. Good Job!