Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Are you watching??

I LOVE the Olympics!!!
Josh LOVES the Olympics too!!
We have been camping out in the living room everynight watching the Olympics.
Kate hangs with us till about 10pm and then goes to bed.
Josh asked if we could watch every night that the olympics while they are on!
I said YEAH!
Ok so now I am feeling it as he is actually staying up to watch them. I thought he would bore with them by now. He is so excited cheering for the USA. I really love watching him as much as watching the Olympics. He is asking alot of questions and watching the stories behind these athletes. It is great for him to see these kids have been working for years to get where they are.
Josh being the athlete he is, he is starting to understand that putting 100% into each practice makes a difference. That paying attention to the coach and doing what the coach ask is what you are suppose to do. We have been talking alot about things, and being one of his coaches this year has even brought us closer. I asked him last night what he thought about me coaching and he said "It is actually pretty cool, I like having you as a coach" Well that made my day as you can imagine!
I have been putting in alot of hours to the Concession stand and coaching. Tired, heck YEAH! Worth it , heck YEAH!
I was talking to a Mom that is sending her only son to college in 2 weeks, and we were talking about how fast it goes, she told me to keep doing what I am doing , stay involved and enjoy every minute of it. She said you will be ready when they are to move on....but you will have some great memories and know you gave him all you had as a parent when they are ready to go.
So I am going to enjoy these times, I can't believe that day is only 10 years away, it really makes you think when the first 8 years have gone as fast as they have.
So it is Watch Olympics, Eat, Football, Sleep around here....and we are loving life!!

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  1. We are doing the same thing...we all love the Olympics!

    And with football I sure it has been crazy! But have fun coacing mom!