Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It is August 5th, that much I know!

And this is the J.A.K.'s

Yes this is the new sport in our house this summer, ROCK BAND for the Wiiiiiiiiiii! I have to say it is a fun time, I do enjoy it when I get a chance to play. Josh and I Rock out on the drums and guitar! But when A and K come over the band keeps on playing! Sometimes all night long, what are summers for as a kid unless you can stay up one night till 6 am!! Ah the carefree days of summer!
and this is my new baby. Soon to be on the road every once in a while as it has insurance and registration on the way. I can't wait to go for a Sunday cruise to the Football Field in this little Red Roll! It is soooooooooooooooooooo pretty!
ah and the vacation that I still ahhhhhhhhhh over when I edit pictures or think about on a daily basis. Alaska and Seattle, it was a great time, and oh how I might need to visit a Starbucks today!!

Lot's of busy times here right now, but good also. I have been busy with Football already, Coaching special teams and managing the Snack Stand at the field has my hands full. I love volunteering for this organization, knowing it is all for the kids! Volunteering is good for the soul, and it has given me alot of opportunity to talk to Josh about charity and giving for others. He even does his part helping me stock the coolers and whatever I ask him to do.

Also getting ready for the Summer S.A.V.E. event in dare I say 15 days!!! I can't believe it is only a few days short of 2 weeks and we will be having Melodee Langworthy teaching and hanging out with us for 3 days! Her classes are filling up and we all can't wait to create these great mini albums. There are only about 6 more spots left in the Christmas Album Class so don't wait if you want to take this class. Kits are also available by signing up for the class and putting "KIT" in the notes. All Kits will be mailed when I return from the event.

Also busy shopping for all the new items that have come out of CHA Summer! I just purchased all the My Minds Eye Halloween and Christmas Lines and they will be arriving next week! Also coming are the new Teresa Collins Christmas Line, this girl has it happening! So many other things also coming soon.

Oh also just realized that only 4 more weeks and Josh will be back in school, I am really looking forward to doing a few more things this summer with him before that happens! We haven't even made it to Dorney Park yet....have to do some roller coaster riding before it all ends!

So that is about it, I hope to return to blogging more soon, I have lots of scrappin ideas going thru my head, but if I took a picture of the tornado that hit my scrapbook room (AKA , dump zone) it would hurt. Today I hope to pick at it a bit. I want to get some pictures ready for S.A.V.E. and do some great scrapbooking while I am there. Already working on S.A.V.E. in January...have 2 great teachers already lined up and hope to announce them soon. So back to work, lots of ordering to do!


  1. Love that car and I am sitting here at work looking at that Starbucks coffee in your pic. mmmmmm.....wonder if I can leave work to go to Starbucks.

    I can't wait for SAVE!!!!!!!

  2. HAHAHA- will the J.A.K.s be recording a CD any time soon?!

    LOVE that CAR!!!!!!! I can just see you rolling around town in it!