Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coming up for air....

Breathe in .......

Breathe out.......

WOW Life can get going and put you in directions you just have to go with. Being someone that likes to be in control ( Stop snickering Kate!) , I have had to let go and let things happen. It is a big lesson to learn , but worth learning. I couldn't have got thru the last couple weeks if I didn't learn this lesson.

I have taken on a bit this summer , and a few times I was wondering what the HECK was I thinking. But when I sit back and look at things I know exactly what I was thinking, I was thinking I want to do these things for Josh and all the other kids that love the game of football and want to play. I have taken on not only coaching but managing the concessions at the football field, which is time consuming , ordering, organizing and making sure it all goes off without a hitch. Working with some parents that don't really get the whole volunteer thing, but working with a lot of parents that do, and that is what makes it great! I have met so many great people during this season, I love surrounding myself with wonderful people , people that care about their kids and that their kids have a great place to play. It is so important in their little lives to get out there and play. Learn great values, how to work as a team and to have fun doing it.

So that is the football part, then there is The Corner Store, which is doing GREAT!!! I am shocked sometimes in this day and time that things are going as well as they are. But scrapbookers have to have their supplies I have found out! I love the customers I have met over the past 4 months. I can't believe it has only been 4 months since I opened the doors on line. I was nervous to start it, but so glad I did!! The response has been just fantastic!! I love hearing from people that I have what they want and need. I have so many new items to add and plan on a BIG , HUGE , Sale in September so stay tuned!!

S.A.V.E. , We just had our August Event, I can't believe that this little idea that started in Oct 2004 just had our 10th event!!! It was such a great time , and with guest teacher Melodee Langworthy teaching her classes, so many of us left loving stamping again! I will be carrying the stamps Melodee uses in class in the Corner Store. They are now a staple in my stamp case!

We are well on the way to planning the January Event already only 141 days away!!! I have already announced the Trifecta of Teachers on the Message board and will be announcing to everyone on the Scrappin Away website very soon! Registration opens September 15th , mark your calendars.....spots are limited and will go quickly! We have some very very exciting news to reveal and let me just say.....the goodie bags will be over flowing. I am so very excited to be doing this event. It will be our 5th Anniversary year this year and I want to do it up big!

Kate is doing GREAT! Today is 5 weeks after surgery and she is already driving, been doing that for a week now, she went to work for a couple hours yesterday , not suppose to return for 3 more weeks! She can ride a stationary bike in physical therapy and is lifting 10lb weights with her legs. She has some nights where they are a bit stiff, but other then that she is doing so great! I am so happy for her and I see that smile back , it is hard to smile when you live in pain everyday, so that is worth all of it!

Josh is enjoying his last few days of summer vacation, football 4 nights a week and games on the weekend. He ran one in for an extra point in our game versus Qtown, we won 27-6 .
So I think I am caught up if I could get the rest of my life caught up!!
Working on it, but as long as I am busy I will not complain. I love being busy.


  1. hey your back! it is so nice to see all that you are doing for Josh! lots of memories! if you ever need any help just let me know!

  2. All I have to say is " go girl"! Glad you are having fun with your BUSY, that's the most important part.

  3. Rollie,
    I had a FANTASTIC TIME at SAVE!!! I have to say though you are a true inspiration to me!!! Where do you get all that energy from I will never figure it out.
    Christine Uporsky:)

  4. And you're still alive!!! You can handle it all! Did someone say sale??!! My eyes and ears are open! SAVE was awesome- just know all of your hard work pays off!