Thursday, August 07, 2008

A new day, A new hope...

To say yesterday was difficult, is an understatement.
To say today was beautiful, is an understatement.

Yesterday there was a family very torn apart for the past 8 years.
Today the healing started.
On the porch of our house sat a Mom, Son and Daughter, a Brother and a Sister.

It might have taken the death of one, again way too early, but He may be just
the angel that will bring this family back together.

I have always said that Josh is the miracle that healed my family in so many ways.
So many years lost, the birth of my son and the magic he carries with him have
preformed so many miracles. Eric may be that miracle for this family. I believe he
already is.

That is how you honor some one's life, you look within and don't let them die in your
heart. Make yourself a better person, let yourself be more caring, let yourself love.

I thank the Lord today for letting me witness this Miracle!


  1. It is a beautiful way to honor someone's life! Sometimes we never know why such terrible things hapen...maybe it is just like you said...he was the special angel to bring a family together.

    Thinking about you..with lots of hugs and continued prayers for healing, peace and lots of love for all.

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