Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Did anyone see the Calendar today?

It says only 37 days till Christmas!!! I just love the count down.
I also love that in 12 more days I can get out the Advent boxes I made
last year for Josh and stuff them with little slips of paper, of holiday goodness.
I want to change it up a bit this year and add more things we can do for charity and
those less fortune then us. I am loving creating all my Christmas gifts this year, and
enjoying the process so much more then trying to figure out what to buy for people.

On the Store Front , The Corner Store for S.A.V.E. business is really going wonderful. It surprises me each day. I am so very thankful for all the loyal customers I have and the new ones that keep finding me. I am so blessed. I know this is a time that so many are losing their businesses and struggling to keep the doors open.

One of the reasons I am doing so well is that I am trying to provide exceptional customer service, order items that my customers want and this little gem...the Cricut Jukebox has been a great seller. I am approaching selling over 200 of these since they came out less then a year ago!
It is a great little addition to the Cricut and I also am loving it. So if you have a Cricut Fan on your Christmas list...this would be a hit! Check out the price of $59.00 at The Corner Store, you won't find a better deal anywhere!
Also need to add this stack of loveliness, Kaiser Craft Paper in da House!!! Hope to be in the store today on line....getting all the jpegs together! The Corner Store will be carrying the full line of Kaiser Craft Items. I can't get enough of their mini albums.

And these keep the sweet tooth happy! I love them so much!! (They make a great coffee stirring stick also!)

But after a few too many Peppermint sticks, I will have to crack this baby open! This weekend Kate and I will start our work out routines on the Wii FIT! I am very excited to start using this and getting some pounds off and back in shape!

And all you Lexi fans, here is the adorable little princess herself. Yes Aunt Denise was up to meet her new little niece and HAD to get her a sparkly little pink collar. I have to admit it only made her look more like the little princess she is!
A big shout out to my friend Kim Burns today also!!! The hippest 40 year old I know!! Stay Young my friend , stay young!!


  1. what a cute puppy! i tried to click the link to your store and it didn't work. :0(

  2. sorry about that! I fixed it now.

  3. oh Lexi is so cute! I can't beleive you sold that many Cricut Jukeboxes. That is awesome. I am going to checkout the The Corner Store tonight. Thanks for that really nice commetn you left on my blog the other day!

  4. ooo- your advebt boxes from last year were so cute- can't wait to see what you put in them this year! Lexi looks great in her collar- love the color!