Friday, November 07, 2008

I am off to see the .....

Scrapbooking side of life!!

I am bouncing today with excitement knowing in only a few hours I will be scrapbooking , listening to 80's music, snacking and laughing with my friends. Yes that is what it is that can put a smile on my face today.

Not that I won't miss my little guy and Kate , but I need to go and refresh and revive. Everyone should take the time to do that. I find I come back a better person, a better Mom.

I told Kate the other day that on my tombstone please put...."Stupid People killed her" I have to tell you I have had my share of them this week!! I have been dealing with PenDot and since August have been trying to get a simple Antique License plate for my 66 is now November and finally after many phone calls and just short of riding out to Harrisburg to hand deliver the paperwork they have FINALLY found the paperwork and are now going to process it . I had to send it to them 3 times to get this done. KNOWING it was sent in the prior 2 times, them saying it wasn't there. They have now not only found my latest paperwork , but have miraculously found the previous 2 filings now!! UGH! I have a headache!!

I won't even go into the story of my Car , which if you all remember jumped out of park a few months back. Which they said they checked the transmission out and there was "NOTHING WRONG" , but now has been in the shop for 3 days getting the transmission rebuilt because NOW , "there is SOMEHTING WRONG" !!!! Amazing how the consumer keeps getting screwed and the big guys keep smiling as they tell you they understand, but that will be $3000.00!!!

To spite that and other little things going on, I am smiling today for the little things such as 3 days of scrapbooking with friends. Thank you friends! Thank you scrapbooking!

Now if my little guy would just feel better. He has been feeling pretty bad, with a high fever for 2 days, I am just working to keep him hydrated. It is not a small feat with an 8 year old! We are waiting on the 48 hour throat culture today , the 24 hour was negative so we are hoping the 2nd one will be also. I hope today staying home and resting will get him back on the road to feeling like himself. Again not a small feat to keep them down. They just want to go go go. DVD's are a good thing!!

So off to pack.....Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. the pic. I am glad they found the less problem...I said ONE less problem. I am jealous about this w/e!!!

  2. See you soon, to join in that scrappin' good time!

    As for the car troubles, good luck with the transmission fix. I know it's a Ford, and, well, let's just say I've gone round and round and round with them in the past, even to the point of complaining to corporate HQ. Good luck. Remember, you are the "stupid girl" and *couldn't possibly* know anything. Yeah, you know me - that didn't go over well.

  3. Can I just say how funny your title is now after Weisel!! Given the whole Wizard/Annie thing :)