Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Hope everyone votes today!

I am waiting to hear if my car will be done today, it is in the shop. Josh and I are home today sort of stranded, but that is ok. Josh is not feeling good and he is going to be in bed for the better part of today resting, he went to school yesterday not feeling great, but knew he had today to rest so he stuck it out. Today is a good pajama day!
Not for me tho, today is clean , organize and create. Then it is off to the voting booth later! Josh will even go and vote today in Kid's Vote this will be Josh's second Presidential Election. He looks forward to doing it. our PTO supports this and we have alot of fun bringing the kids to the voting booth.

I hope by tonight we know our next president. I do hope it is Obama, because I believe he is the best man to pull this country together. I believe he can unite this country, we have been so divided for many years. I do believe this man has the best ideas on how to do this. I believe that this man will help others achieve their dreams and goals.

Football this weekend wasn't all smiles. This week our team lost their first game of the season bringing our record to 9-1 for the season with one more game to go! The boys played hard, they made a few more mistakes then usual, and the other team was very good and made fewer mistakes. Most days in football that is what it comes down to. Who makes fewer mistakes. We will come back this week and try and win our last game, ending the season on a high note. Go Greenjackets!


  1. HAHAHAHA....you seriously look like a college or pro football coach!

  2. melb is right! you look so serious. :0)