Wednesday, November 08, 2006

America speaks........

As I am going to here...WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We have great hope as we awake this morning !!!
Oh I know by next week , or next year we could be just as bad off as we are right now....but again my faith is restored in Americans. They actually showed last night they are TIRED , FED UP and need a change !!!!
John Carey might have botched a joke , but Bush had botched so much more ....including a war.

Record turn outs !!! That's what it takes to get the true pulse of America. I am so proud of everyone that voted. You make those womyn that fought for us to vote PROUD!

I know there are people that disagree and they are not happy with the results, but just as we had to swallow the hard pill when Bush won , we now get a happy pill and we can now have hope.

Maybe we can start to repair , maybe we can find a way to end this war. Maybe just maybe.

I have to say when I heard Cheney say "no matter the outcome , this administration willl continue full speed ahead" . I think ole Dick has forgotten....the PEOPLE get to say what speed we go ...and I believe they have spoken !!! NOT SO FAST ...DICK!!!

Now we need to start a campaign.....Put all these damn negative ads , and flyers and everything else down. Use the money you use to put someone else down and make a fund for the hungry , the sick the homeless!!! It would be amazing what we could do with that money used for no good and make it for the good !!!

So I hold my head high today , I just wish that Bush and his "administration " would get it . America wants change and they don't like the direction it is going in . So LISTEN to the people , be the President ...this is not YOUR country it is OURS !!! how bout this weather !!

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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself!!! Doin the happy dance this morning!