Thursday, November 02, 2006

Learning is amazing and other things....

This year is such a "learning" time. Not only for Josh who went into the first grade in one big leap with both feet , but also for his 2 moms. Everyday is an experience....and experience that I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be in . It is very strange to see him learning things that we have nothing to do with . Example : Yesterday he came home with a test paper where he had to circle a former president. He circled Abe Lincoln. Then he had to identify the present president. He put an X thru George Bush. We didn't teach him those things. He learned it in school.
Then as we are driving last night he asked me "Who are you voting for in the election , Mom? "
After I got over the initial shock that this was coming from my little guy in a booster seat . I told him . He then proceeded to say that , that is who he is voting for also , because they are having thier own election at school . So to take it a step further , I asked him why he would vote for this person. He then told me " Because he has more experience and good ideas" Well I guess that sums it up !
I can only imagine many conversations with Josh , we have already had some really great ones while driving to places. I know I keep saying it , but he is just an amazing little guy , one that I know is going to accomplish great things. He is so thirsty for all this place has to offer and wants to soak it all in .
There are crazy times that he also reminds me that is just 6 and can't find his socks , or remember where he left his library book . He quotes Sponge Bob scenes word for word, and he does other things that makes his Moms just shake thier heads.
But I must say life would be so boring and so empty without him , I can't even imagine life without one miracle such as we have .
Peace out !

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