Thursday, November 09, 2006

Memories keep you looking to the future...

Happy times, hugs and fun. I love looking at pictures, I love having memories.
Sometimes thru the day I get tired. Running the store, coming home doing homework with Josh, then dinner to be made and eaten. Wrestling practice, cleaning. Checking in on the message board. Doing the ordering that needs to be done on line. Writing the list for tommorrow. Answering emails.
I am really trying to find the time to scrapbook more. To just print out some pictures and scrapbook them. But I am finding even when I find the time, I am organizing more then doing. By the time I get to sit down and be in my studio, It is piled with collections of things that got thrown there, because that is all the time I had to do. I have been digging thru those piles and getting them in places. I know the time is coming that I can do what I love.
I get in this place every once in a while, I start to wonder is it worth it. Putting in 5 or 6 days a week running a store. I don't have much time to do what I really love to do create. When I do get some time I am so tired I can't create. I keep thinking I will find the balance, I will get it together. I am going to try a few things soon. I am going to start taking a day off here and there at random and not plan any running around but actually stay home , or be with a girlfriend and replunish "me" .
I am so blessed, I love my soul mate Kate. My son Josh is the most precious gift I have ever been given, he is my heart. I go to a place each day that is so much more then a job. It is a love.
I have met some incredible womyn in the past few years, some are becoming my best friends.
So if you are ever feeling a little overwhelmed.....look back at a few pictures that make you smile.
Off to make some Stuffed Green Pepper soup and Pumpkin Pie Fudge...
Peace out !


  1. denise7:44 AM

    now this blog post i like ;) i feel the same way and i don't go to the store (wish i could) everyday . . . but there is always something more important to do. i think it makes the time we get to create and be with our friends even more special. if we could sit in the studio everyday would it be as meaningful to use or just another everyday chore?

  2. Hey - i know that picture!