Friday, May 04, 2007

Kate turns 49!

It was a happy happy birthday. 49 and she doesn't look it. She might feel it somedays but we all do on those days. I can't believe next year we will be celebrating the big 50! Also 10 years of marriage. WOW! If all works out we will be going to Alaska and having a great time. We have definitly learned that you need to do a few things on that "list of things I want to do" . I hope we have many years to do those things and also add to that list.
Josh loves giving his Mom flowers, he picked out this wonderful bouquet because it was yellow and yellow is Kate's favorite color. I love yellow, it just breathes life into anyday.
Here is my fav picture of the day. I love shutting of the lights and the flash and capturing these shots. I hope Kate enjoyed her day and presents. Love the smiles and fun we enjoyed.


  1. Happy Birthday, Kate!!

    Great pics, Rollie! :)

  2. Lisa M. Pace4:56 PM

    Happy Birthday Kate. I hope it was a great one.