Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mr. Football

It is amazing how much Josh is growing thru his sports. He is becoming such a leader and developing great listening skills. The coaches are all so impressed with him and they can't say enough great things to Kate and I about him. I can also see what it is doing for him. He is just beaming with pride and also just wants to do better every day. I like the respect I see in him and the manners, it is like everything we have been trying to teach him in the last 7 years has finally caught up to him and he gets it. I know there are also days where I just throw up my hands in the air and wonder where did that boy go I was just talking about. But for now I will ride this train!
In not so good news Kate is at the ER right now, she is having such a hard time breathing. She has been on medication for everything this year and is just not getting any better. I am so worried. I hate to see her coughing all the time and she is just worn out. She has no energy. So with a little push she is at the ER trying to get in for a breathing treatment. It is crazy but that is the only way to get one. When she called the doctor today they told her to go. I am hoping this will help and she will start healing. It is so stressful, I am a worrier anyway, so when I really have something to worry about it is just worse. So if you can send good thoughts her way , Thanks!


  1. I hope Kate is doing better soon, I'm thinking about you guys.

    Also, glad to hear all of your hard parenting work is finally paying off! Go Josh!

  2. Sending good thoughts for a quick recovery for Kate and for you to worry less. You both deserve some relaxing down time.

    So happy for Josh, he is a great little guy, keep doing what you're doing.

  3. Oh no!! I hope Kate gets some relief fast and she is much better soon!!

    Yay for Josh!! I need to meet this young man!

  4. Sending kate some good JUJU- hope things start looking up for you both in that dept!! thinking of you guys!!