Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rock on......

That is what ya gotta do! I just look at this picture and it makes me smile.
It makes me think of what a great childhood Josh is having.
It makes me smile to know this.
It makes me happy to have friends like Julie.
It makes me giddy to know they love music , as much as I do.
Pictures are great for the eyes, heart and soul.
Scrapbooking rocks, it has changed my life.
It only takes a simple picture like this to remind me of this.
So Rock On!! Keep Scrapping and keep taking pictures!


  1. Rollie, this makes me smile too. The girls have so much fun with Josh, even if he is a boy, lol. Gotta love those "rock on" kids.
    Thanks for giving me a smile, I most needed it this morning as my Mom, Sister and Niece just left to return home, I will miss them but having friends like you surely fills the gap, thanks.

  2. So fun!!! what a great pic and post!

  3. Love the little rock star poses from them! This will be such a fun page to scrap.