Thursday, August 09, 2007


That is what it is all about right now. Learning how to tackle. Josh is in the #40 shirt. He is getting the hang of this quite well. I think all the wrestling has helped him. Some of these kids are having a harder time, but they will all eventually get it.
I really love how the coaches are with all the kids on our team. They have a great approach, very positive with the kids, rewarding all the right things. Teaching them how to do what they need to do. It is so important to have those type of coaches in your sons life.
So that is about all there is in the Stillings house going on. Football 4 nights a week, not much room for anything else right now. By the time Friday night rolls around we are ready for a night of sitting and watching a movie. I asked Josh last night if he would like a pj day on Sunday and there was a shriek for joy.
Some crazy summer days this year, I can't believe it is August 9th and in just over 3 weeks the school year will be here. That is just crazy!


  1. These actions shots of Josh are just so cool - I'll bet these are some of his favorite photos of the moment.

  2. Great shots!! It is wonderful that he has such a great coach!!

    PJ day sounds fun!!

    Have a great weekend!!