Monday, October 13, 2008

Almost time to have your voice heard..

PBS has an online poll posted asking if Sarah Palin is qualified.
Apparently the right wing knew about this in advance and are
flooding the voting with YES votes.The poll will be reported on PBS
and picked up by mainstream media. It can influence undecided
voters in swing states.Please do two things -- takes 20 seconds.
1) Click on link and vote yourself.
Here's the link:
2) Then send this to every single Obama-Biden voter you know,
and urge them to vote and pass it on.
The last thing we need is PBS saying their viewers think Sarah Palin is qualified.


  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    hey...thanks for the link ;)

  2. Thanks... you know I did my part ;)

  3. I voted, and then I read on. In my personal effort to help others get the poop, the straight poop and nothing but the poop, please check out this link...

    It seems that the poll in question is, umm, well, old news. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  4. Actually my bubble is not bursted at all. In 27 Days I hope to be toasting with champange and all this will be far behind us. I have faith in the American public that the right choices will be made on Nov 4th and Palin will be back in Alaska hunting Wild Game from her helicopter.

  5. Rollie, you have to check this out: it is too funny.

    And, I wouldn't worry too awfully much about Palin voters and PBS, I am sure if they have ever heard of PBS it's only from Sesame Street :)

  6. You'll be toasting with champagne, and I'll be stockpiling canned goods and flashlights and burying money in my back yard. Just sayin'.

    Oh, and please don't egg my car at Weisel - it will still be wearing its McCain/Palin stickers, regardless of the outcome of the election.

  7. Laura8:38 PM

    "Rosie Said:

    And, I wouldn't worry too awfully much about Palin voters and PBS, I am sure if they have ever heard of PBS it's only from Sesame Street :)"

    Really? I mean seriously? Aren't we any better then the people running for office? Can't we just respect different as different and not result to insults? If you are confident in your cause and your candidate, then why stoop to that? I am not defending either side, I just don't like how this election has brought such ugliness out is so many people.

  8. Anonymous10:29 PM

    lots of backspacing going on here .... but i will say, either way this election turns out, none of this will be far behind us in 27 days. you're only kidding yourself if you truly believe that. both parties are responsible for the mess our nation is in now. we may have a republican president ... but the democrats are in control and they have done nothing positive to change things since taking over. all the finger pointing isn't doing our nation any good. hopefully the winner of this election will make great strides to change the direction of our country. i am fearful of what the outcome might be, but i remain hopeful.