Friday, October 03, 2008

Finding Joy again....

In Taking pictures.
I have to thank Karen Russell for that!
I am taking her Photographer's workshop and am in the 2nd week. LOVE IT!
I am picking up my camera again, not for the football game, but for the everyday stuff.
I think I am almost ready to even take it out of "AUTO" mode!!!
I actually am starting to understand that I can trust myself to be in Manual mode.

Yesterday was Picture Day at School, and I just loved it when Kate asked Josh what he was going to wear....
Josh said , and I quote. " Mom, do you want to pick out what I wear for picture day"
Yes insert signing angels here!!!!
So here is what I picked.

and then Lexi had to give him puppy kisses before he left for school.
And then it is back to playing with her bestest pal Cricket!
Tomorrow we play Abington , and we are very excited! This was the one team last year that we tied with, it was the last game of the season and we were undefeated going into the game. We wanted to put that last one in the win column and just couldn't do it. So we have been waiting roughly 340 days to get this game again. The boys practiced really hard this week. 16 of our players returned from last years team. So they also want to get this one in the win column very badly.

I am slowly getting things done and in order. The Store is taking a lot of my day. It is very time consuming putting the items in and keeping the inventory. Shipping has been keeping me very busy also. It is all great and I am very happy it is doing well. Now that Josh is in school I am getting a good day routine here. So back to work I must go!


  1. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Okay love the puppy and cricket playing.

  2. Josh looks sooooooo...soooo... soooo handsome-and what a great photographer!! It's good you took some shots because yours will be way better than what he brings home!

  3. Lisa M. Pace10:09 PM

    What an absolute adorable looking young man.... I tell you he is so cute! I love that color on him and his outfit was perfect. Lexi looks as though she is right at home playing with cricket.

  4. Great pics!! Josh looks so handsome and the puppy is getting big already!