Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lexi's first Snow

On Oct 28,2008!
Lexi just turned 4 months old yesterday and today she is seeing her first snow flakes!

WOW I can't belive that the ground is actually covered 3 days before Halloween.

So I am inside trying to stay warm. Also trying to motivate myself to attack the back room. The room that some would call the "catch all" room, you know everyone has one, or at least a drawer or a corner. Today I (with my Mom's help) will start sifting, digging and cleaning, throwing and organizing this room. I hope by the end of the week to be able to put the Corner Store back there and a little office space. I want to have the store and S.A.V.E. separate from my creative space, which I cleaned the last 2 weeks. I am happy to say I have been creating more since and already have about 7 Christmas gifts made and ready for wrapping! That is exciting in October too.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!!!
We are now 9-0 and are facing the 9-0 Lenape Valley team at 10 am Saturday Morning. It is going to be a very exciting game, and I am hoping our boys are the victors. They have been playing so well and it is so great in this day and age to watch them be winners! I know there is all this touchy feely " It is all about having fun , not winning" attitude out there, but start throwing the tomatoes now cause this is one football mom that believes once you turn on the scoreboard it is ALL about WINNING! So lets go GREENJACKETS!!!

Time for another cup of coffee....then I am going to the back room!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one...

  2. This is the way I look at it ...

    If kids don't experience losing at Josh's age, they grow up and audition for American Idol only to find out that they SUCK.


  3. She looks adorable at the window. Like a little kid.

    uummm....cough, cough...let us know when the "room" is DONE :)

  4. Go Josh!! Biting my nails til Saturday over here!

  5. Whohoo! Way to go 9 - 0 !! Must be the coaching! Good luck this Saturday.

    I love that picture of Lexi...she is such a sweetie!