Monday, October 06, 2008

Was that an 80lb football game or the Superbowl??

WOW!!! Saturday , High Noon....approxmently 340 days from the last time these two teams met. We went to Abington with a 9-0 record, it was the last game of the season and we were going to have some pizza after the game. The game from HELL that is!!! With less then 1 minute to go we are up 12-6, and then that series of plays started, just one thing went wrong after another. Abington tied it up with only seconds to go and we went home with a 12-12 tie and our 9-0-1 record. I don't think the coaches and parents stopped thinking about that game until Saturday. Now we have filled that with new memories....memories of a 12-6 game where in the last 30 seconds we scored the winning touchdown!!! Oh yeah, I don't care how many people watch the superbowl, there is no other game I have ever seen that was as exciting to be part of as the one Saturday. We had 22 of the most determined 8 year olds ever to come on the field. These guys were warriors, they stepped it up, they did their jobs and they got it done! I have never been so proud of that many little guys ever. I watched them play with emotion, they never stopped running, blocking and tackling. They gave it all the heart you can give in 4 quarters of ball. I really hope they remember this one, it was something to be a part of. Now back to reality....they are 8 and probably won't remember this game as well as the coaches will. But we have DVD's!!!

So below find a few photos of "Stills" in action. He had some great runs, gained quite a few yards on the day. Ended up about 10 yards from a TD after about a 40 yard run. Made some great tackles , including one late in the 4th quarter that caused a fumble and allowed us to get the ball back and score our touchdown. He also layed a block on thier Linebacker like I had never seen him block someone before. He told me after he wanted to make sure that he didn't mess up the play. (That play was our TD run!) I can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds, right now we are 6-0 and going strong!!

I have to say one more thing about the team. Our Coaches, Mike, Rick and Daryl are one of the best group of guys I have ever been around.

I see the Goal....
I just love how they all close thier eyes
Josh has his eyes on the prize!

1-2-3 PLAY HARD!!
They work for the Cookies!!
This is one Happy Coach Mike! After the game he had to admit to me that he thought he was going to puke at different times during the game.
Smiling Coach Daryl, He is very set in his ways and wants the defense to preform each and every play. He is what I call the "Bee Keeper" of our "Killer Bees"
Mr "I ain't shaving till we win this game" Coach Rick! Glad to say he can shave it down to his baby face now. This guy is an Offenisve Genius, and has these boys running over 70 plays per week. He puts the points on the board, and leaves it to Daryl to keep the other team from doing the same.

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  1. They look so tiny!! Way to go team!! Congrats to players and coaches!