Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I love the diversity of my friends, that is what makes it great.

You would all be so boring if you were all to agree with me or another friend of mine.

But I will say I hope you all continue to voice your opinions on here, I love the talk and

you usually bring a smile to my face , or a chuckle to my heart.

I surely hope that it isn't over in 2o days, I hope for just the start of a great new era, and leadership.

I hope that this country can start turning itself around and heading in a better direction.

I hope that we can as a nation we have our voices heard.

I feel there have been alot of mistakes made by our current President, and not sure you will find

that many that feel any different. (not even my republican friends), but I also know that it isn't all his fault. Altho I do feel it all starts with leadership, and how you steer the ship. A good leader has to be able to listen. I think that has been lacking for 8 years.

When Clinton ran and won, I have to say there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted him to lead the country, and I am very proud of that choice I made. I believe he did great things to turn this country around and he is responsible for me being more aware of what is going on in politics and getting me up off my rear and getting involved. This year it took a little more for me to be sure of what I wanted to do. I have to say this is more of a year of what I don't want to see happen. I think that is true in almost everyone I talk to , either party.

It is times like these that you feel like a small fish in a very big pond. But it is times like this that you also should make sure no matter what that you voice is heard. That you get out and vote.

One thing that I HATE is someone that doesn't go to the poll and vote and sits there when it is all said and done and say , "I didn't vote so it isn't my fault." It is more your fault then anything that you didn't feel your country was important enough to take a few minutes and make a difference. As a Parent now, I would be doing my son an injustice not to fight for what I believe is right and what would make an impact on him down the road. This next President , if they serve 2 terms could be impacting my son's education as he would be 17 at the end of his term. (yes I did just shutter writing that) But it is reality. This President could be impacting what is left of the environment. There are so many things that are going to happen in the next 4 to 8 years. Please stay informed, don't just listen to what you hear. Take time to do some research, go to the sites that talk only the facts about both parties. Educate yourself, be informed with your decisions.

So keep the banter going, Say what you want to say here. Cause this is America, and my blog!

Now on to Football!! Oh the analogies I could use about how much better America would be if run like a football team! OY!

That is a happy boy of a 7-0 UNDEFEATED TEAM!!

Here is the fearsome 4 some! I love these guys and coaching with them is just the best!!


  1. oooh... I caused a stir on your other post, sorry. I really was only kidding-I have a lot of respect for anyone in public office and for everyone's opinions-sorry if I offended. (I pretty much never cause controversy or even get involved for that matter, I don't know whether to be upset or to high five my bad-self). I have many friends and family members who are republicans and believe me, we have been having long, intelligent debates about the election and what has brought us to this point. Again, it wasn't meant to insult anyone-just my sometimes warped sense of humor :) carry on :)

  2. Rosie...STOP...don't apologize. This is what blogs are all about. You share your thoughts and opinions and others write in to either agree or disagree or to just comment. I would prefer that someone disagree with me. You learn more that way and it makes it more interesting. It's all GOOD!!!