Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Everyone do the Robot !!

Now this is what Halloween is all about. Smiling faces, and little ones having fun !!
Josh and Declan had so much fun tonight ...my feet hurt !! We must of visited about 40 houses and each one was better then the next. What a great neighborhood, they really enjoyed the kids and seeing all the costumes. J & D got great compliments on their costumes, and Josh got two " That is the best costume of the night" comments.
People were in awe of the silver box . They made comments like , "that is so awesome" , "Did you make that" , "what a great idea" . They made me feel so great about the time that Josh and I spent making this costume. I enjoyed it so much . I know it is a halloween he will remember also. At the end of the night riding home he told me he had a GREAT time tonight Mom.
That just made me smile even more .
Now , on the topic bad blogger. Sorry to the two people that read my blog :) I haven't been good about blogging lately. Not that I don't have something to say ....but the time to do it in is the issue. It seems every evening that I think I might get to it ...it is 10 or 11 o'clock before I realize it . I was just looking ahead at this week and realized , one night halloween , next is wrestling practice , then we have one night and Kate has a business night . It is just very busy.
So in other news, Kate and I got a fun day playing golf on Monday . I hadn't swung my clubs in 2 years but some of it came right back to me . I really enjoyed the day and the colors of the trees right now are just breath taking . So here's to a great halloween ....hope you got plenty of treats!

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  1. denise3:57 PM

    you are a bad blogger . . .even SARAH is blogging more than you these days! but hey i keep on looking . . every day . . .even more than once most days . ..just hoping . . . but i know how busy you are so i totally understand. and if i wouldn't - then that would be my problem now wouldn't it?