Monday, October 02, 2006

Saturday Rocked !

This girl can sing !! This is Krissy and she is my Friend's sister. We went to see her play this Saturday and this girl can belt out a tune or 100 !! I swear she can sing anything worth listening too. I usually hate it when people try to sing melissa E . They usually can't come close , but I have to hand it to Krissy , she nailed it every time !! I would travel again to see her play !!
This is Kim and J! Now you want to talk about a fun guy !!! He is a big crazy dude . It was good to see Kim smiling and having fun . This guy should go around and work with depressed people , I don't think there would be any more depressed people in the world ! J you rock !! So glad I got to meet you :)

This was the other part of our Weekend ...FOOTBALL!! We are now 5-0 and these guys played a tough team this week. They still came out way on top . I really love watching them step up their game when they need to.

Josh had a bit of a rough game , well one play where he forgot the play , paniced and threw the ball up in the air. He was very disapointed in himself , but we have two of the most wonderful coaches and they had him back in there playing the game again right away !

Grandma left today , she was here for 10 days and we had a great time . It was so great that she got to see Josh play two games. Aunt Neicey and Uncle Steve came up for the game saturday . We just had a fantastic day :)
I have been a bad blogger lately , it has been a bit crazy running the store and getting the event ready for January. By the time you are home , doing homework and then getting dinner , going to practice or just having some family time . Oh not to mention that darn housework or lawn care thing.
We are getting better , fall is settling somethings down . That is why I love the change of the seasons. It makes you slow down from the go go go of the summer.
I hope everyone is enjoying the fall . Get out and get some of that great fall folliage in your camera, it will look so good!
Have a great week !

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  1. Thanks for putting that shot up my friend. And, thanks for leaving out the gory details!!!