Monday, October 23, 2006

last football game of the season

Yep it is over for 2006. It was such a great year!!! Josh has grown so much and as an athlete and football player he just got it this year. I know it is crazy to be talking about a 6 year old as an athlete. But I must say since he was 2 and running and throwing the ball around , we just knew he was going to be a little boy who loved sports. Oh yeah in the back of my mind I really wanted this for him . I love sports and it was one of those things in my childhood that probably got me thru some really hard times. I always had sports and it was one thing I was very good at. I was so proud of myself when I would get all state or my name in the paper. It was one thing that no one could take away from me.
Oh yeah , what was I talking about .....Josh !
Yeah that's right.
I just loved talking the pictures every week , talking with the parents , cheering the kids on and watching how proud and happy they were everytime they came off the field. It truly was a great season , and bonus ....we went UNDEFEATED !!! 8-0 what a great job !!

Next year it will be helmets , pads and that cracking of helmets and pads. A sound I am already hearing ....I love football , but not so sure how much I will love it when some other little guy is tackling Josh. I just hope he gives more then he gets !! Giving is so much better , right ?!

So here is to you Greenjackets ! AWESOME JOB!!

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