Wednesday, October 04, 2006

so proud of josh ...

He has had a turn around week . This being a first grader has been tough on my little guy!
There is so much to learn about . So things easier then others. But tonight he told me that
he likes making new friends, learning and lunch and recess. That is so good to hear instead of
what I heard last week ....which was " I don't like school"
Today I heard " I love school" Also his thirst is back to get up and go to school . He is much happier when I see him get off the bus. I was so worried about him . He didn't smile when he got home. He didn't really look forward to going at all for the first month.
Now I can see that sparkle in his eye again.

It really made me think. For 6 years he has had me . He hasn't had to make those decisions about who would be his friends. I pretty much choose his friends thru the parents I liked.
He didn't have to eat fast , we often had some great conversations at lunch . Now he has about 20 mins and has to learn to eat then talk. Or I get alot of lunch brought back home. That has also changed this week , once I figured out that he needed to eat and not talk so much at lunch.
It is so hard to get full stories from a 6 year old. I think they feel they are going to get in trouble for things they tell you.
Then there is the whole thing about some kids are nicer then others. Josh didn't know what to do with all this emotion he was experiencing ...and all by himself. Sometimes it was hard to explain to me everything going on . But this week he has really found a new friend and they play alot together at recess and seem to really like one another. I am so happy for that ! He is even trying to teach his new friend how to listen to the teacher better ( seems his friend has a listening problem and is in trouble a bit )
Then the scarey conversations ....tonight it was about telling me a little girl showed him her underwear...he thought that was wrong. So I held my breathe and asked him what he did . He says " I told the teacher and she talked to her" WHEW!!! Altho I am still not thrilled that some little girl is showing my son her underwear , I was proud of him for knowing that it was wrong. It is so scarey to send them out there. We have always told Josh he can talk to us about anything , and I am glad he feels he can . Hope that line stays open , as I am thinking it is going to be very important in the years to come .
So as we have said all along ......we can only do so much as the test begins to see how we are doing . First report card at least a B+ !!
Hug them tight !!!

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  1. ok, i did not think he could look anymore like you, but apparently i was wrong...