Sunday, October 15, 2006

Football Saturday

I can't believe there is only one more game in the season. It seems so long to some but for us it is over too quick. He enjoys playing so much an we enjoy watching just as much !

It has been a great year with a great team , great coaches and wonderful parents. Sports are so great !!! I just think back 20 years where did I have thoughts at being at my son's football games. No where did I know what joy it would be having Josh. You truly never know what road life is going to bring you down. My only suggestion is to hold on to the wheel and enjoy the ride.

Josh ran for about 20 yards on Saturday . He has improved so much . He gets "turning the corner" The joy in his face as he strides down the field is so worth all the practice.

It is amazing to have a whole sideline of parents cheering for you as your run.

So as this great season comes to an end , it is sad in a way , but also it has some great memories.

I have over 1000 photographs to prove it .

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