Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 7-16

ok so this is how life moves.

Time flies.

Vacation to ...

Wrestling camp with 4 friends all week. Remember I am used to having 1 boy!

Wrestling tournament

Football Camp

Running a busy online store

40 days out from the August Retreat

Kate's surgery today
ETA....Kate is out of surgery with two new knees!!! She is looking good and resting. Tomorrow she gets to take them for thier first test run. It was a little stressful of a day, but glad she is ok.

So what gets left off the blog, my happy place. I have missed this ole spot. But I will be back, with so much to share. So that is where it is at. Thank you to all that have reached out to me over the past couple weeks, I got the sweetest email the other day from a dear, dear friend and she just will never know how much that meant to me, sometimes you forget that there are people that truly care about you.

So until next week when I will have a few minutes to sit down and visit all those things buzzing around in my head....


  1. I will be thinking about you and Kate today- let me know how it goes and if you need ANYTHING. Miss you!

  2. Good luck with the surgery! Healing thoughts sent your way!

  3. Gloria L.2:11 PM

    Enjoy, Rollie. As crazy as it gets, they are only young once! And blessings to Kate!
    Gloria L.

  4. Anonymous2:40 PM

    i was coming to remind you it was wednesday ;) and saw you were a bit busy today. glad to see kate did well with the surgery . . .hope the healing and rehab goes well too.

  5. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Hope Kate does well tommorrow.
    If you need anything call.

  6. Best wishes to Kate. Missed seeing your new posts. Glad life is treating you all well.

  7. yes i have been missing your posts and on your blog and on the message board. summer gets crazy! Kate will cruising around with her new knees in no time!

  8. Glad to hear Kate's surgery went well. Sending speedy recovery wishes her way. Sound like you and Josh are having a busy week.

  9. Glad surgery went well- time for the heailng to begin...again! Have a relaxing weekend.