Thursday, July 03, 2008

Oh Canada!

We are in Canada cruising down some water, it is another beautiful day! Just wanted to check in quick and let you know that this BEAR did not get us, altho we were that close!!! This was on one of our excursions in Icy Strait Point. We took a tram into the rain forest, the trip $53.00 the experience PRICELESS!! There were people that payed hundreds of dollars to go bear watching that didn't get to see what we saw! I have emails from them to send them these pictures, because they had to look thru binoculars to see thier bears. There is a cub also in these pictures, I will share later. Oh yeah and that is me on the ZIP LINE! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That was just an amazing experience as well. Just truly and amazing trip, and something I will never forget. Josh did get sick on day 5 the night we were cruising to Ketchican and I spent that day in the cabin with him, he still wasn't himself yesterday, we did get out to swim in the pool for a little bit, but back in the cabin. Today he is much better, we have been hanging out playing bingo, billiards and miniature golf. That is a trip on the 13th deck of a cruising Ship!!!

So tomorrow early we dock in Canada and start our trek to Seattle. We are missing our puppies something awlful and it has been amazing, but home will be a welcome site too!!!

Hope everyone has a great 4th!!


  1. Woohoo! that zip line looks like fun! look at that grizzly! here's hoping Josh is feeling up to par for the last leg of your journey!

  2. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Love the zip line. Can not wait to here about it. hope josh is feeling better. Its horrible to be sick but especially when your away from home.

  3. wow! sounds like a great time. How awesome about the bear and great photo of you on the zipline. Hope Josh is back to his ol' self soon. Enjoy the remainder of your trip!

  4. Sorry to hear Josh wasn't feeling well! Great picture of the bear (a bit scary to be that close). And I would LOVE to try a zip line.

  5. WOW- close to the bear!! Zipline looks awesome. Hope Josh is feeling better!

  6. reneecrops9:50 AM

    The zip line calls to me, but the bear scares me. Did you have pepper spray? Please tell me you did. I have goosebumps!!