Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today Josh and I went to visit Kate and she seems in high spirits.
I know she is in alot of pain, and she is trying to work through it.
I know she will.
Josh and I miss her, it is hard to not have 1/3 of your family at home.
I don't sleep so well when she isn't home.
Josh sleeps just fine!
Can't wait till Kate isn't in pain anymore because of her knees, it has been
a long road with the pain.
Today she walked 7 feet on her own! Not even 24 hours after surgery.

All this alone time gives me alot of time to think, it is very quiet here.
Thinking is not always a good thing.
Evaluating things, thinking if I am going in a direction I want to continue.
Knowing life is good no matter how much it hurts in some areas some days.

Questioning if I want to continue in the Scrapbooking Industry.
Do I want to pursue new things.
Is all the work worth it.
Wondering if I would miss it.

I know I am exhausted right now, knowing I should not make any major decisions.
I won't. But will continue to think about everything.

Loving spending alot of time with Josh, even through the "Have to be the Mom" moments.
Love watching him "get it" when we have talks about life , present and future.
He told me he wants to go to Layafette College today, he has really enjoyed Football camp this week, I think we might be going to some home games this year, it is a beautiful campus....and nice and close to home.

Hope to get some rest soon.

Football season is coming!
I am excited to be coaching this year.
It will be great to work with the boys.
I can't wait to get on the field.

Life is good, thru it all, Life is good.
Hope to be back to blogging again soon, I am so glad to have this space to give it all up to.


  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Tell Kate we are pulling for her. Life is funny take time to relax and pay attention to where life seems to be pushing you. I believe that is where you belong. No other person on Earth can know where life it pushing you except you. Your freinds will support you I know they will!! Don't be sad. Mental Hug!!



  2. Glad Kate is on the mend. Miss you chatting at the board. I hope everything is okay and things settle for you. Whatever road you choose, you will find your way :)

  3. Anonymous11:00 AM

    you go kate! keep on working hard and you'll be back to bouncing around like normal in no time.

    rollie...i think the times we are the busiest are the times we think more about our direction in life and where we want to be. the good thing is that we...and only we (with a little help from our creator) control our destiny. we put limits on ourselves sometimes. we can change direction and still be happy and content. find the balance in your life that works for you and run with it. once you find your happy place the rest of the pieces fall into place. if you aren't doing what makes you happy then none of it is worthwhile.


  4. Hey Rollie, Hoping for a quick recovery for Kate. always seem to have alot going on. As far as the scrapbooking industry, I am sure it is a tough decision. You do what you have to do, what is good for you and your family. Nothing stays the same. Of course we would all miss the SAVE and the Corner Store. Will talk to you later.

  5. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Give my best to kate. Hope her recovery is quick.
    I know you will make the right decision for you about the scrapbooking. Friends and family are there no matter what career path you chose.

  6. Laura Foreman8:27 PM

    Give our best to Kate! She is so strong and has so much support from you both that I know she will recover very quickly.

  7. Gloria L.3:31 PM

    Scrapbooking is evolving. It now incorporates fabric, metal, you name it. So.... find something to incorporate into your corner store that works with scrapbooking! Just a thought...
    Gloria L.