Wednesday, June 28, 2006

ahhhhhhh quiet and no rain

Ok, so you think you can dance ?? LOL oh he is my son ! sorry Josh :)

Now that is ONE happy boy ! After 4 days of rain , he was so happy to get in the pool today . Grant it kids have no idea that the water in the pool is too frigin cold to be swimming in , he was having too much fun.
Hey mom , this picture is already printed !! You know after seeing that commercial I had to print this out today !!

In other news , I made it to 44 years old sweat , still kickin and lovin life .
Josh is so excited about rehoboth , he was even explaining the whole thing to the walmart cashier today . They are going to learn someday not to ask Josh " how are you doing today." Cause he will tell them !
It has been an adjustment to the summer , trying to juggle the store and Josh . I think it is working pretty good right now . Josh seems to be doing well with it . breaking up the routine is working well .

So we are off to the Beach in 2 days .

Got the dog sitters all set up

Got all our clothes on the dining room table

Pick up Mom at the airport on Friday

Check the bike tires

Get an oil change

Just a few more things to do ...then 7 days of relaxing , chilling with our friends and just having some plain great times !

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