Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Nothing like a little visit ....

Aunt Denise came up to visit this Sunday , it is always fun to have sis come for a visit . We had some work to do , but I saw my sis out playing baseball with Josh and had to get out the camera. For one thing I think it is the first time I ever saw my sister with a baseball glove on her hand and another ....well the first is actually still making me giggle!!
I love this shot!! They are both really enjoying the day !
Cricket was enjoying watching the action ! He is so dang cute !!
Not sure what all the running was about , there are no touchdowns in baseball !!
Maybe they were just airing it out ! All I can say is there was lots of laughter and fun going on . That makes me happy !

Today was a great day for my little guy . He had his move up day at school and I got to witness it . It was really very cool as all the kids and teachers from school line up on two sides and then starting with the Josh's class they start marching down the middle of it with everyone cheering and clapping. At the end of this is their first grade teachers ready to welcome them .
Then they go back in the school and spend about 10 minutes in their next year classroom.
I of course was shedding tears and just couldn't believe that he would be getting on a bus in 2 months. Spending a whole day away from me , I just can't believe it .
*Sigh* , I will post some pics soon of the day . He is so excited and tomorrow is his last day of kindergarten. The teacher loved her gift and all the Moms want to learn how to make one of those albums.
Well it is just about summer , time to get those Dorney Park season passes !!

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