Sunday, June 04, 2006

We have Color !!

This past week we added color to our room. It was so exciting to see color on the walls, time for happy dance . It is nice to see it getting closer to the finish line.
Now the back wall just got painted tonight , I am just too tired to get a pic of it right now . I promise one this week! Tomorrow on my day off I am going to paint some of the woodwork , then the bed and dressers can go on the one wall. We are down to one little piece that needs sanding then that will be the end of the drywall dust. Oh yes that makes me SOOOOOOOO Happy!!
So keep your fingers crossed it should only take about another week and we will be all moved in .
This is our next addition to the room . It is the corner unit of our closet . IKEA was a fun side trip today to look at what we wanted to do about a closet. We are then going to add two other units to this as we can. It is going to be in white I think ..can't decide just yet. This will let us get rid of 2 dressers and have all our clothing in one place. Yeah TMI probably !
But we are so dang excited!!

So other then driving ourselves to pure exhaustion each and every night we haven't been doing much else...except as we pass each other in the hall one of us is always muttering ...we are sooooo close!! And that is the driving factor , how we keep going.

Josh is just 8 days from being a first grader. I can't believe this year of 1/2 day Kindergarten is almost over. It is just amazing how fast it went.
I look forward to spending this summer with him. I plan on doing 1/2 days as much as I can at the store for July and August to spend with Josh.

Next year he will be gone all day long and that is going to be so strange for me. It will be the longest amount of time we will be away from each other. From 8 am -4 pm that is a big deal to me. I am not used to him being gone for more then 3 hours. Ok not going to think about the whole bus thing either ! You can't make me la lala la ...

So pretty boring here at the Stillings , as far as a blog read . We will be on to more things soon. Like REHOBOTH !!! 26 more days !! YES!


  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    The room looks great Rollie! Love the colors! Keep the pics coming. You guys are really making progress. Diane K.

  2. Lisa F12:17 PM

    Love the color! wasn't sure when you said you were painting it purple, but it is GORGEOUS!