Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yes Cocktails will be served!!

There she is week after opening it , ready for lots of splashing , floating and just plain summer fun !
We need to get the table and chairs on the deck and some of the floats blown up , but Josh jumped right in yesterday . Along with Cody and Cricket of course. So come on over for a refreshing dip and some kind of frozen drink ....served daily on the weekends!

This is the other place I hope to spend sometime this summer. My NEW Scrap space. I am in the process of moving things right now , so it isn't finished..but is it ever really finished ? So anyway , it is so fun setting this up and finding embellishments I forgot I had ....Sarah shhhhhhhhhhh!!

Ok so this jar just makes me giddy ! Pure eye candy !

On the Josh front ...he has just been my cuddle boy this week ! I can't believe he has just gone with the flow so well. I really expected boredom after school let out. He has been taking the vacation attitude in stride. I have also changed up my hours at the store a couple days a week to spend a little time at home with Josh. It is a good thing ! Baseball is done so we are taking a break till Football starts up . We are going to enjoy the pool , some days at Dorney Park and of course our Rehoboth Week ! Coming up just 8 more days !!! Wahooooooooooooo!
So not much else going on . Kinda boring here, which is nice too :)
So in the words of Josh " Rock On "


  1. It's about time that you updated your blog - I look forward to it! And, another gorgeous pic of Josh to boot!!!

  2. Denise7:13 AM

    i have to agree with kim . .. it's about time - your almost as bad as sarah . ..okay that's a stretch lol

    glad to see i'm not the only one that just (or hasn't)opened the pool yet. i hoping kenny gets things going while i'm at convention next week.

    have a great time at rehobeth! see you when you get back.

  3. Hey, Denise! No fair! Ok, I know, I've been bad.

    Anyway, helping Rollie move her stuff and organize it was fun. I'm in serious nesting mode, and I was itching to line up her magazines so all the CKs were together, all the Simples were together, etc.

    Then I started opening drawers. And found stuff. Stuff I know she will never ever use. Stuff that I directed her to put right back into a pile for the yardsale.

    Rollie, my dear, you had buying issues! But it's cool, now, that your style has evolved and you know what you'll use and what you won't!

    Thanks for the organizing fun!