Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Goodbye ......

As we say goodbye ......

to 2.75 hours of school

to playing for the first 15 mins

snack time

sitting at tables

we say hello to ....

1st Grade !!

All day in school

Getting on the bus ....

Eating in the cafeteria



OH he has no clue.... His biggest thing is that he will get recess!

Little does he know he has hours of recess now , and he will now get 20 mins ! Ha Ha !!

He tells me that what he will miss most about kindergarten is "Mrs Soderberg" I loved that . He truly loved his teacher and I think he will always remember her in a special way.

She is a great lady , and one that truly loves what she does. She cared so much about each child and dealt with each of them as individuals. Patients like I have never seen dealing with someone's kid that isn't your own. Teachers really are special people.

I am looking forward to this summer with Josh , Come school time it is going to be a little hard for both of us I feel.

This has been a year of adjustments for our family , Josh going off into the public school and myself opening up a new business. You wonder all the time if you are making the right choices.

When it was just me ...all the choices I made pretty much only effected ME! Now I have Josh to think about , and also Kate . Family is #1 in my life and heart and I want to make sure what I do , is right for them as well as me.

So this summer I am going to cut back a little on store hours, enjoy sometime with Josh and make sure he is not at the store all day long. I love our little slice of heaven called memory lane, pa . But ....I love my son more then anything and want to make sure I cherish the times I have with him. I already see how fast it is going and since I can't stop life from going the pace it does...I have to jump on the ride and enjoy it !

So here is to summer ...don't wish it away !

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